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  1. Who here plays this game and absolutely loves it! I do if you do comment here and we can talk and I might even be able to help you 😉
  2. You are all now characters in a fighting game. Yes, you too--deal with it. Feel free to duke it out with other members. But nothing is valid unless you tell us the button combination for your attacks. It also helps if you yell out the NAME OF YOUR ATTACK in all caps. You know, makes it more effective. And hell, go ahead and list movesets for other members as well--if you're feeling a little mischievous. Have fun!
  3. Personally, I was very surprised with how much I fell in love with the monster hunter series. It's so simplistic, but in the same way it's complex. Simply: Kill monsters, usually the sames ones over and over. There's just so many different ways to go about it, and different styles. All aorund it's just an amazing game... It's just stupid hard to try and get to level 51 on multiplayer to get to the alatreon lol. Does anyone else here play it? or have played it? What's your opinions?
  4. The rules are simply: - Go find the face of a forum member, from, say... the Post your Picture thread - Add a caption/motivator to the image - Post here - Lol and cry I'll start!
  5. Hey all now that i pretty much have a personal laptop i would like to know of some visual novels i could download and websites i can download them from. Please tell me of easy downloads that are not complicated
  6. So after seeing Cinnamon Groove do this with movies, I thought to myself "Why hasn't anypony done this same topic for games yet?" Well instead of looking for the answer to that question, I decided to start the thread myself. Basically, the rules are the same as the movie version of this thread: - Play a game - Display your opinion about it as well as why you felt that way if you feel the need to describe such info (details are very much encouraged) - Post description(s) in spoiler blocks if you deem it necessary* *For those of you who don't know how to do spoilers (like me before this site), you basically put [ and ] with "spoiler" in between in front of your spoiler text and then you put [ and ] with "/spoiler" after your spoiler text. And no, it doesn't have to be put in bold. The final rule is one that I believe most bronies will follow regardless of me posting it, but just in case: Love and Tolerate. This is a forum for opinions to be posted and read, not to be critiqued upon. If you read a post where you disagree with the opinion stated there, keep the disagreement to yourself and consider the other person's point of view instead. Thank you /)
  7. Just started this post because I saw a "what music are you listening to" forum and thought that if we were to do the same with video games, it may have a more lasting impression because games are played until they are beaten which usually takes a few days at least depending on the game, especially nowadays. The way I'm thinking this should go is for everypony to say the game or games they are playing with the console they are on next to it. So to start this off, here are the games that I am playing, or rather replaying because I have no new games to play nor do I have the money to spend on any new games. Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time (PS3) Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP)
  8. We certainly don't have enough forum games. This is a pretty simple one, just click the reply message box, and hit ctrl+v. See what everyone's last copy was, and try to guess what they were doing to get that. No cheating, cheating is for diamond dogs. Here's my last copy:
  9. So as some of you might know there is a game that is being worked on at the moment called, Super Smash Ponies that will be, you guessed it, a crossover between the well known game Super Mario Smash Brothers Brawl and our beloved My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. EQD Post (referring to the major graphics update) This topic is for those who are interested to hear about updates and talk about updates for the game! Anyways, if you have any questions I will try my best to get answers for you. ;)
  10. ^ Play this, beat the score below, screencap it, post it here, then your score is the next high score to beat. It's pretty simple.
  11. Heyooooooo I was at my orthodontist and somehow won a $30 gift card... I need a new game. Name the best games you can think of or find for said amount :D ~bennyis
  12. Has this ever happened to you before when ever you buy a product or a game at a GameStop ...
  13. Ok people the new video game systems, that is set to be release on 2013 would not have any backwards compatibility, meaning you can not buy used games or take you're games to you're friend home to play together. Also gamestop and other palaces that sells used games and systems would not sell the new systems cause of lost sell revenue. I think that this is gonna be a big hurt for Sony, and Microsoft, if they do this so whats you're thought of this matter are you gonna buy the new systems despite that you can not purchase or play used games on it and also you think this will help out Nintendo, cause of Sony, and Microsoft, issue with the backward compatibility issue.
  14. Ok first of all I am having troubles as of today I can not log unto minecraft at all cause it always says log in fail..Secondly when I try to go to the main site of minecraft and type in my email and password it always says " Oops, unknown username or password."... when I know I type in the correct info when I try to log in.. Secondly every time I try to change my password it always " User not found " every time I click on submit query so I can not change my password either..But when ever I try to verify my email it always goes through with out any prooblems and I know that I never gave no one any info about my password or email...So I am not sure if I have been hack or what or if theres any way to fix this situation cause I'm not about to cough up another twenty bucks on this game I will do what ever it takes to fix this problem.
  15. Let's play a vocab game. The rules are pretty simple. Read the word the last person posted. If you know it without looking it up, write a definition. Maybe double check, you don't want to be caught out. If you have to google it, just admit it and the game continues. Then, post the word for the next person. If you're digging up a word from the bowels of a dictionary or thesaurus to stump us, let us know that too, so we know what difficulty we're looking at. I'll start. Ersatz
  16. Hey All, I've been learning some Ruby, and I'm toying with programming a MLP game using the Gosu framework. The game I have in mind is a simple catching stuff game. The idea is Applejack is in the background, apple bucking a tree. Twilight is in the foreground with a basket on her back. You control Twilight and try to catch the falling apples. Also thinking every so often, Twlight can use her magic to sweep all the apples on the board into the basket. And you see how many you can catch until you miss one. Should be a moderately challenging first major project. Not sure if this will actually be easy, or if I'm jumping in way over my head. So, any suggestions? Variations on gameplay? Tweaks? Easter eggs? I'm open to ideas on how to improve the game concept, and ideas for fun things to add. I'm fishing for ideas early so I can plan for those ideas in the code now, and not have so large a rewrite later.
  17. Hey everypony! I'm super excited for Arkham City. How about you? What changes that have been announced make you happy? Which ones piss you off? Is there anything specific you're looking forward to? How do you feel about the outfit changes for some of the Characters? What about the voice acting changes? I'm excited to see Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle) taking over Arleen Sorkin's Harley. This fact made me even more excited when I realized the connections. She's also done a lot of work with fun shows like "The Fairly Odd Parents" and "The Wild Thornberrys." Harley's costume change specifically makes me happy. I'm glad to see them going back to a more traditional type of outfit for her. The nurse costume in Arkham Asylum was cute and worked with the story, but I didn't like the black being purple. As I actually got to pre-order this one through GameStop, I'm getting the special Joker Challenger Map. I've never played on one of those, so I'm excited to try it out.