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  1. Day 4: Alright, I had to make a Seperate Thread for this because of how fucking massive this is going to be. Over the next day or so over 14 bosses Old and Returning bosses alike and some model update reminders will be posted! Another thing is please if you're reading this and you were sent a link by me or someone else. Please comment on the forums rather then telling me directly what should be changed because I forget A LOT. Also, if any of you want to comment next of what I should write up just leave a comment in the forum! Without further adieu let's go! _______________________________________________________________________ Boss #1 By Far the most requested hale for this list, Starlight Glimmer with her Staff of Sameness ready to make all the mercs not have there very own special talent and lose all that makes them that class. Boss: Starlight Glimmer Type of Hale?: Solo/Non Donator Healh Formula?: [(460+n)×n]1.075/ Difficulty?: Easy-Medium Superjump/Teleport or other ability?: Teleport (30 second cooldown) Base Model: Sniper Weapon: Bushwaka Index Code:232 E Rage: 100% Rage: This rage makes it so all classes lose there own special abilities. Every class: They all run at the same speed as a engineer does. So, buff to heavy, nerf to scout. Also every class is to a set 150 health. Also, spellbooks are unable to be used. Scout: As said for all class, loses the ability to run fast and cannot double jump, his scattergun is replaced with a fast firing shotgun Soldier: Loses the ability to Rocket Jump and if he tries he is damaged and doesn't jump also his rockets do the same damage and shoots as fast as a fast firing shotgun Pyro: Pyro loses the ability to use the flamethrower entirely, gets a fast firing shotgun to compisate Demo: If it's a demoman; he loses the ability to sticky jump as said before, if he tries to sticky jump he will take massive damage and not jump. He is able to use grenades but instead it does the same amount of damage as a fast firing shotgun. If it's a Demoknight (uses shield or a sword doesn't matter) it loses the ability to collect heads and attacks and deals damage the way a fast firing shotgun does. Heavy: He loses the ability to use his minigun and is instead replaced with a fast firing shotgun. If it's a KGB. The KGB does the same amount of damage and swings like a fast firing shotgun. Medic: Loses the ability to heal, that's really it. Sniper: Sniper rifle cannot scope and it shoots and deals the same amount of damage as a fast firing shotgun. Spy: Cannot use his knife during the rage or disguise. This rage is pretty much balancing every merc to be very close to the same thing. Cause remember it's not good to be special. Only brings arguements! Music: 1) 2) 3) I hope this hale would be worth the weight (HAHAHAHAHAHA) and players will enjoy this new villain! ____________________________________________________________________________ Boss #2 This duo is also very requested. Well, not really the duo but Lilpip and Fallout Equestria as a whole is very popular and as we've already got a model for them both. IT'S SUGGESTION TIME! Boss: Lilpip and Velvet Remedy (Fallout Equestria Series) Type of Hale?: Duo/Donator (cause duo and non-cannon) Healh Formula?: [(460+n)×n]1.075/2 Difficulty?: Hard-Very Hard Superjump/Teleport or other ability?: Lilpip has Superjump while Velvet doesn't have anything. Let's start with the Pipbuck worker Lilpip! Base model: Scout Weapon: Three-Rune Blade (It causes players to bleed) Index Code: 452 E Rage: 100% Rage Lilpip's vision slows as she takes aim with her gun that starts firing with a lot of attack speed near the end of the rage she gains a faster firing gun that shoots even faster then the original while time is slowed. R Rage: Free Everytime she uses her R Rage she switches between guns during her normal rage, middle mouse chooses what gun she gets near the end of the rage Another thing is that all these guns are useable after rage (First guns go in slot one while second guns are slot 2) Different types of guns: R Rage guns: Little Macintosh = 8Shots and 20 clip 50 damage + 5 second bleed a shot Sub Machine Gun = 20 shots 50 clip 20 damage a shot Crossbow = 1 Shot 8 clip 150 damage + 2 second bleed a shot Automatic Rifle = 3 shots 10 clip 110 damage a shot Brush Gun = 13 shots 30 clip 35 damage a shot + massive slow effect Middle Mouse Guns: Missle Launcher: 4Shots 0 clip 200 damage a shot+ 20 aoe damage Little Gilda: 100 Shots 300 clip: 30 damage a shot Lilpip is stationary while using this. Spitfire's Thunder: 7shots 9 clip: 40 damage per shot+ this weapon can scope + headshot (120 damage) Plasma Cannon: 6 Shots 3 clip: 70 damage each + shoots 3 shots at a time in a large area. Magical Plasma Rifle: 5 shots 2 clip: 40 damage each +can headshot (150 damage)+ scope + tracer shots. As Said all these weapons can we used after the rage ends but only during the rage do these weapons shoot really fast Now, onto the medic of the group Velvet Remedy! Base Model: Medic Weapon: Ubersaw (she does gain ubercharge off this) Index code:37 Ubersaw damage Weapon: Vaccinator Index Code:998 Let's start with discussing the Medigun. She can use her Medigun to give Lilpip bonuses (Bullet resistance, Fire Resistance, Explosive Resistance + 2 new ones: Knockback resistance + Crit Resistance) Also as said Velvet can't jump the only way Velvet can jump is if she heals Lilpip and then Lilpip jumps with her giving her bonuses from the minigun. E Rage: 100% Rage: If she is healing little pip whatever stat she has turned on gets amplified to 100% and she gets a shield in front of her that reflects EVERY projectile where to be spells to rockets they all turn into Blue team rockets/spells and home onto the player that casted it. (Besides monoculous) Music: 1) 2) 3) This duo require a lot of teamwork, skill and once again teamwork. Did I mention teamwork? _________________________________________________________________________ Boss #3 Pinkamena Update: This original Idea is ALL PB AND J'S. CREDIT GOES TO HIM FOR THE IDEA I JUST POLISHED IT UP. Boss: Pinkamena Diane Pie Type of Hale?: Solo/Non-Donator Healh Formula?: [(460+n)×n]1.075/2 Difficulty?: Medium-Hard Superjump/Teleport or other ability?: SuperJump Pinkamena has 2 lives this is important for her kit Particle effect: Applies a Pink Haze throughout the map. Weapon: Boston Basher Index code: 325 Passive: Reduced knockback, has 2 lives, can use skills, possesses ability if triggered specifically (backstabs). Particle effect: Applies a Pink Haze throughout the map. Weapon: Boston Basher Index: 325 Weapon attributes: 2 ; 2.5 - 2.5x Increased damage. 309 - Crit kill will gib. 15 - No Random Crits. 396 - 15% Faster melee attack speed Rage: [Bloodlust] - Pinkamena goes into bloodlust mode for 6 seconds; increases movement speed by 15%, gains BONK! effect, shrouding her in a blurry aura and anyone within contact with it will take -15 damage over time until you’re no longer in touching distance, or dead. All players killed by Pinkamena will be gibbed. Sentries are disabled for the duration of the rage. If Pinkamena suffers a backstab or loses a life, she goes into frenzy mode, causing her to gain 30% additional movement speed, guaranteed crits and absorbs 50% damage from all sources for 5 seconds. Can stack during her main rage. Frenzy mode does NOT stun sentries. Backstabs cannot go through her BONK! effect, but it WILL trigger her frenzy mode, so be careful! During bloodlust mode, the overlay shows. She also posses the ability to send a barrage of cleavers in all directions using an aoe effect. If any enemy is hit from her cleavers, it’ll cause the enemy to suffer reduced movement speed by -25%, and also loses -6 hp from bleeding for 7 seconds. Uses the Reload ability to trigger this effect at the cost of a small amount of rage by -30%. 10 cleavers are sent out at once from her body. Has infinite uses, but you must wait 8 seconds to unleash more cleavers again via cooldown. Pinkamena will gain special visual effects such as a pink body trail and glowing lights that reflect on the map around her during the rage. (will serve as a warning sign to players to run away) Description: Not much to describe her.. and it’s better off NOT to know.. Overview: Pinkamena might be the only character to react from backstab attacks. So in this case, spies may have to be weary when facing this boss when they strike her from behind. However, her lack of taking down buildables can be her slight downfall as her attacks (including cleavers) can barely make a dent on any engineers’ sentries, dispensers, and teleporters. Music: Keep the original Music, PB had music here just don't remeber song name (Darude-Sandstorm maybe?!) Sounds: As said Again this is not my idea all credit goes to Pb and J and the other creators for this idea (I mostly felt this requires more work before it could be a thing so I re-hashed it) ___________________________________________________________________________ Boss #4 BlueBal- I mean Blueblood Yeah, bet you didn't see THAT one commin' The one everyone hates and wants to punch in the balls is here and I am so sorry D: Boss: Blueblood Type of Hale?: Solo/Non-Donator Healh Formula?: [(460+n)×n]1.075/ Difficulty?: Easy-Medium Base model:Demo Weapon: Saxxy Index Code:423 Superjump/Teleport or other ability?: Lance Thrust ( Oh my~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) New ability: Blueblood Thrusts his lance in one direction dealing massive damage to all players hit (200+) and it can be angled by looking at a certain direction. If lance thrusts hits an enemy they are knocked out of the way and he keeps on going till the duration is finished. Now, onto his E Rage E Rage: 100% Rage He summons a wall of Canterlot Guards in one direction (a total of 6 in a line) and all players that touch the wall take damage and are pushed back quite a bit, this also allows him to go threw the wall of soldiers and gain movement speed for a short duration after words. The Guards sit there untill the next rage is used. They also have there spears out so if players run into it again they take 30-40 damage and the original cast deals 140 damage. Music: 1) 2) Also, I chose these songs cause they sound right for a prince (hell one of them is called "For the King" This champion (HALE) is good for newer players and for players who want to pierce his blueballs and destroy him. ______________________________________________________________________ I will be posting more over the next day as said so watch out for it! EDIT #1: Holy shit I said "Champion" well, league has finally taken over my mind