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  1. Since we are starting to get new members, I felt that an introduction thread was in order. If you are new to the forum or would just like to say hello to everyone, please post here and tell us a little about yourself! ABOUT ME Most of you already know me, or at least know of me if you've been around the servers or the Ponyville Steam Group, which I founded and maintain. This community originated with my Ponyville: Friendship is AllTalk TF2 servers, which have since expanded to include Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and DayZ servers. I created the Ponyvote_Party Vote Map that you see on Ponyville California with Para as well as a few of the other things that you see around this community. I used to play TF2 on my servers at least 5 hours a day back when I was competitive, but recently I've been more preoccupied playing and streaming other videogames on, where I am a Partner. If you ever need to get in touch with me in real-time outside of the forums, I'll usually be there. Other than videogames, I also enjoy coding and webdesign for fun, reading sci-fi or fantasy comics/novels (Berserk by Kentaro Miura being my favorite), and watching anything Star Trek (except Enterprise *shudder*). THE FANDOM AND ME You've all probably realized it by now, but I'm a big fan of My Little Pony! I grew up watching the original show and movies as a little girl and collected the toys. I'm even a bit of an equestrian in real life! One of the reasons I created my first TF2 server was that I'm as much in love with MLP:FiM as I am the online community that has evolved around it. It is remarkable to me that this show has managed to charm such a dedicated and eclectic fanbase in such a short period of time. Every day I discover creative and unique contributions that people have made to the fandom, which is why I feel so inspired to make a mark with my own servers by making them as pony-themed as possible! I'm looking forward to meeting and playing with all of you. See you around~!
  2. Hey everyone Heart Shatter here to tell you guys to join in on the fun using this thread and pretend real life is a video game and start making comparisons. Example: This game called "Life" kinda sucks. The respawn time takes too long. And you can only level up once a year. HAVE FUN
  3. Hey all now that i pretty much have a personal laptop i would like to know of some visual novels i could download and websites i can download them from. Please tell me of easy downloads that are not complicated
  4. Hello Heart Shatter hear. I am currently looking for a good gaming computer under $640 including taxes. so far i have found a couple candidates please let me know what you think, and let post me better ideas if you have any Dell Inspiron 17R 17.3" (900P) Laptop Intel Core i5-3210M 2.5GHz, 6GB, 1TB, DVD R/W, Windows 8 ---Red: Computers & Accessories Acer 15 6" Aspire Windows 8 Laptop i7 3632QM 2 2GHz 6GB 750GB V3 571 9890 886541753250 | eBay
  5. Okay so for one thing my thread had mysteriously integrated with another thread. i have no clue how that happened. Another thing is that the chat seems to be broken. is it just me or is it happening to everyone else?