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  1. Send it to all your friends it's the Festive Gibus After a long week and a few days we have finally completed the festive gibus, if you guys would be so kind to upvote it I would be eternally grateful.
  2. Please post your Builders Application In This Topic! After Posting Let an Admin or Moderator Know Ingame and they will promote you to Builder. Applications MUST be Posted in this format.. And No other way EXAMPLE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IGN: Cyrate Pony-Class: Unicorn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copy paste that into the post box and fill it in with your own Information! Pony Class Information Welcome To The Server I hope you have a great experience! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3. Pixel said something rather profound to me just a moment ago. I told her that I didn't feel confident enough about my art to show her something as I was drawing. And that at some point in the future when I felt more confident in my artwork, I would be happy and comfortable enough to to show her my incomplete work, and even draw as she watches. She then said, "Maybe you're going about that backwards". . . .I think she's right. Maybe in order to get confidence in drawing publicly or at least in front of friends, is to actually do it and get over the insecurity and fear of judgement. SO--In the very near future, I will be hosting a live steam of me drawing. Tentatively dated for this Friday evening, assuming I can get the live-stream up and running by the time, and barring unforeseen circumstances. If I did this, how many people would be interested in watching? I'll probably be taking some requests too, assuming I think I could handle them. I'm not entirely sure how the whole thing will go, but I do know that I want to do this. I'll link the channel here once I get it set up and working.