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  1. How do you all feel about the administration as it currently stands in Ponyville? Are there too little admins? Are there too many? Do you actively see your problems being taken care of and discussed? Can, and would you feel comfortable talking to an admin? Do you know how to contact an admin? (8675-309) Let this topic be a public discussion about the administration. Keep in mind that it is your duty to be there for the community. You serve us as a community, we as a community do not serve you. An administrator needs to be open to criticism of his actions as well as be aware of his own actions and how they diversely effect the forum. Do not be afraid of the admins, your peers, or your brethren. Feel free to openly discuss your problems so that we may collaborate and create solutions. Also, even if everyone voted that they were fine with the administration, that would be fine too. That speaks for itself. EDIT: removed offensive part
  2. I'm just curious to see if anypony else has a favorite video game character quote. Mine has to be from Metal Gear Solid: "Snake? Snake?!? SNAAAAAKKKE!!!!" It has a deep meaning to it. It shows the complexity of human nature in times of great struggle. By screaming his name 3 times this shows that that have a elaborate bond that not even death can separate. Also the fact that he screamed the last part of his code name shows that he is also a member of his respective group and wishes to give him a morale boost whithin the tough times that they are facing and wants him to believe that everything is going to be alright. This quote is the embodiment of human coexistence and mastery of synergy.