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  1. Simple game! Would you date the above user or his avatar? or neither.
  2. I like Masters of the Universe, or MotU for short. Seeing as they remade the series twenty years after the original, and have recently began to remake all the toys with incredible detail, there are like two generations worth of nostalgia. So here's a thread to talk about everything he-man. and here's some fun videos as a kick-off!
  3. I made this for games that involve FPS games and those who play them. I recently got attracted to Killing floor because of sgt. Its a good game but I find it boring when you aren't playing with friends. Another game is Conduit 2 for the wii. Its a really underrated shooter for the wii that is suprisinly good for its genre(Sci-fi shooter) I would recommend it to people who have a wii and are looking for a shooter to play