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  1. Wow. I first saw the preview for this months ago and was highly impressed by the animation and music. Over time, I started to wonder if the final product was ever going to be finished, but was surprised today to find it had just been released. It blew me away. The animation is actually better. In fact, I'd go as far as to say this is the most impressive animation I've ever seen in a fan piece. For me, this beats Snowdrop and Double Rainboom (which are both worthwhile in their own rights) in terms of overall quality, doing much more in far less time than either. I love everything about Children of the Night. Both the technical and the creative aspects work flawlessly together and create something moving and gorgeous. The art doubles the show perfectly. The animation, as I said before, is professional. The music, voice work, cinematography, the premise itself, and just the way Luna is being depicted. All of it brilliant. It is difficult to express in words just how impressed I am by this fan animation. This fandom can produce some amazing things and Children of the Night is right there at the top. And that is why everyone loves Luna.
  2. I would like to be admin for the GMod server "Ponyville: TTT is magic" because there are too many RDMers on the server now and I think I would be the best for the job. If you let me be admin not only will I be admining your server I will be admining about 3 other servers too. If your server is not allowing porn sprays I take care of that too, so just let me know if that is the case on the server for sprays. Please consider me for admin and thank you for your time.
  3. I have a question, maybe it has already been answered everywhere here, but I just didn't found it and I would like a little clarification on this subject. Celestia is an alicorn, Luna is also an alicorn. Luna is a little bigger than the rest of the ponies. But Celestia is huge compared. As bigger as when Luna was evil. Does this mean that Celestia is only that big because she is the princess? Like in big because of magic? Because all the other alicorns are not that big. She kind of seems like a horse, but she's still a pony, right? Sorry for the dumb questions.
  4. Anarchy is Magic Intro Another Hot morning, on another Hot day in this Celestia forsaken land we live in. It’s been seven years since Princess Celestia died, plunging all of Equestria into chaos and anarchy. I’ve seen many a good Pony die. Some from other Ponies, driven mad by the sheer terror of this new, ungoverned world. Ponies had to change their ways, after the… the Creatures started coming. Destroying everything in their path, leaving no trace. But enough about that. I’ve got more pressing matters to deal with right now. Like who was dumb enough to walk out in the open this time of day. I took aim with my Sniper rifle, hoping that it would be quick and clean, leaving me to take the supplies he had on him. Survival is tough nowadays, it’s kill or be killed. My white headphones gleamed in the blistering sunlight as my mouth curled upwards into a grim smile. The sound of me cocking my rifle startled him, he looked up just in time to see me loading my gun. He dove behind a building, landing in the blood crusted sand. “Dammit!” I exclaimed. “Another wasted bullet.” I pulled out my pistol and katana, preparing for short range combat. As I jogged down the stairs from the balcony my outpost is set on, I had a brief moment to reflect on the past. Chapter 1 I woke up in my bed, just like any other morning. Unaware that this would be the morning that would change my life forever. I was awake before the sun was up, because I liked to go for an early morning fly, so I could get a good view when Celestia brought up the sun. I’m a Pegasus, by the way. In case you haven’t noticed. But anyways, I took off from my balcony, to watch the sun rise. After flying for a few minutes, I realised something was wrong. The sun should have risen by now, but everything was still dark. I flew over to my friend, Flashflame’s House to see if he knew what was going on. He, being a fellow Pegasus, was also up early. “Hey Flash! Know why the sun isn’t coming up?” he rubbed his eyes. “What? Not coming up? That’s impossible. Let’s go check it out.” With a simple nod, we flew out towards a growing group of ponies, presumably with the same question. They were walking towards Canterlot, and we decided to pass the group over, as we were never too social to anyone except Pegasi. After about an hour’s flight, we arrived at Canterlot Castle, and the sun still wasn’t up. We were stopped by a line of guards, blocking off a perimeter to the castle. “Hey, what’s with all the guards?” I inquired. “Princess Celestia is sick with an unknown Illness. No one can get through except doctors and scientists.” A guard replied. “Well, that sounds pretty serious!” Said Flashflame. Not a moment after he spoke, someone in the croud yelled out “Look, everypony! Celestia’s coming out to raise the sun!” A very discoloured Celestia came out of the castle onto the main balcony, aided by two doctors. All eyes were fixed on her as she began to raise the sun, for what no one knew would be the last time. To make up for the delay, she rose the sun to about midday. She then collapsed. The croud gasped, and then started shouting. The doctors quickly carried her inside the castle, presumably to do more tests. Luna then came out, announcing to the crowd that she would temporarily cause the sun, moon and stars to rise and set on their own, until Princess Celestia was healed. The crowd’s shouts died down to murmurs, as everyone began to go home. “Well, I guess that’s that then.” I said to Flashflame. “I guess so.” He replied. “Let’s go home.” Then, a startled looking doctor came out of the castle, carrying a mass of papers in his mouth. He opened his mouth to speak, and lost all of his papers in the process. He looked down at them for a brief moment, but decided whatever he had to say was more important than his papers. With a shaking voice, he exclaimed “Celestia and Luna are dead!” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I apologise for the lack of formatting, it was copied directly from word :p
  5. Ok, we all love to speculate and theorize around here, and the Luna episode is confirmed for October 22nd. Personally, I am a little scared for this episode. There will be no middle ground, some will love, some will hate, and I can only hope that the FiM team really went all out on this one. I think that she'll have the pre-friends Twi attitude and be shy and socially awkward. I also predict the biggest Pinkie Pie party ever, cause LUNA!!!!! Anyway, I'm trying to not think about it, I want to be pleasantly surprised. Theories! Go!
  6. This is a two-part question that's been bugging me lately. Way back in the first two episodes of season 1... 1) Was 1000 years a bit extreme of a punishment for Luna, considering that Luna's betrayal was really based on the fact that no one would stay up to hang out in the night she provided? Is banishment and isolation a just punishment for actions brought about by loneliness? 2) Celestia and Luna wielded the Elements of Harmony together before Luna's betrayal. Then Celestia used them herself in Luna's banishment. Did Celestia lose the power to wield them due to her using them against her sister? If she could still wield them, the Mane six would not have been neccesary to stop Nightmare Moon. Please Discuss!