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  1. So here's a radical revamp proposal for Fluttershy's rages. The all-important video: also this, which I realize I left out at the last moment: It's radical because it's a kind of mechanic that greatly depends on others. It was inspired somewhat by HH's Polish Medic: Deathray hale, mixed in with Pip Squeak and the frank fact that Fluttershy is not a fighter. A good example would be A Canterlot Wedding pt. 2 where she doesn't fight, even in the looping montage she dodges the changelings to death. :P Her melee does a miserable ~74 damage (+20% ubercharge) and doesn't crit. What she does get instead is a powerful minion rage, which she gets every 3500 damage taken. (high, but the minion is very powerful) Fluttershy depends on this minion as much as the minion depends on Fluttershy. Aside from being distraction, it also deals more damage than her. With her quick fix uber active the two cannot be knocked back and the minion is very hard to kill. When the minion isn't being healed by Fluttershy, it's slower than a heavy. While being healed, faster than a medic. While being ubered, faster than a scout. Fluttershy also gets a support ability with her reload rage, which slows, damages, and depletes a percentage of current ammo in a radius. It has a 25 second cooldown. The reasons I'm worried that folks may not like this include: She'd really be the first "support hale" we've ever had, especially as far as minion hales go.She's enormously popular and yet typically cannot even no rage with this configuration.People often just pick their favorite character as hale on VSP, paying less attention to what mechanics they have.So I'd like to get peoples' opinions on this design. Ultimately its fate lies with Raini and Simple, but I'd like to know what people think. Replace the old rage, be an alternate version of Fluttershy existing side-by-side with the stunspammer, or condemn it to the dark depths of my inevitable third public rage pack? Any other constructive feedback is welcome. Oh, and I'll figure out something for razorback and shields. I'll probably have to reassign the Heavy's damage to Flutters for that to work. It'll be awkward, but doable.
  2. Just basically post a screenshot of your Classes. Sorry for the massive image :L Can't figure out how to do a spoiler tag.
  3. Just a Team Service Announcement for everypony out there Also download the taunt, it's worth your time :) Thank you for participating in this TSA, hopefully yout participation will better improve the community.
  5. As discussed in my other topic, Unusual trading is for another thread. And this is that thread! I'll go first; Selling an Engineer's Cap with MFlies for 1 bud/25 keys, or a Hotrod with Oribiting planets.
  6. All classes can get random crits, if they are enabled....when they are not enabled you can only get crits in certain situations. I keep just pondering that it seems only the Medic can not get crits, when randoms are disabled, in that way. Am I wrong?
  7. Hello all you fancy highlander team members. I'm interested in becoming one of you guys, but I have no idea how to do so. any help would be appreciated. Also, Read the tags.