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  1. Okay, so I was supposed to do this months ago. I kept meaning to get around to it, but stuff. And things. Yeah... ANYWAY. I made the suggestion to Simpl. Simpl said make a poll. Mind you, this does not mean this will influence Raini or Simpl in ANY WAY. This is just what he told me to do. ...Months ago. As for those who are wondering, yes, a melee only can be turned on. As I think I'm the one who started this little trend, these are the reasons why I think going melee only would be beneficial for VSP: Scout: Won't be able to shoot and run and shoot and run. I'm unsure if he'll still be able to use his bonk though. Soldier: Won't be able to see you, your friend, your dog, shoot off a couple of rockets, then rocket jump away and have a cup of coffee. Pyro: Won't be able to set your ass on fire while you go running for a puddle to belly flop in. Also won't be able to flare jump away. Demoman: Not everyone will go demoman, as this is a limited class, Colgate. And the demo won't be able to force feed you PEELZ HEER. Heavy: He won't make you cry some more. Engie: Sentries. Medic: Syringe gun and won't be able to butt plug heavies. Sniper: (Everyone else: MELEEEE!! Colgate: *shoots Zari in the head* Zari: Well crap.) Spy: He can cloak. I've seen arena rounds being dragged out because of one freakin spy because of other people screaming at the other team to not cap. With melee only, he won't be able to cloak. So this one is a biggie. Also, Colgate, you are not a scrub. Just sayin'. You are bristles. =3