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  1. Several players that mainly play on the Texas Server has been wanting to know if these issues have been discussed about and resolved within the Admins to suppress any future problems on the VSP servers. The problem with ping maskers especially those that mask their ping when they actually have 200+ ping while in the Texas servers, Hopefully this problem has been discussed about resolved as being kickable and or a bannable offense? The R rage problem with Pinkie Pie and Braeburn since it can be used in the air during it making the Hale able to freely strafe through the air and get goombas' when the hale itself is supposed to do the taunt as well in which to my eyes is an exploit, Hopefully this has been resolved as a kickable and or a bannable offense especially since exploits is clearly mentioned on the motd. Hopefully these problems has been discussed about within the Admins and resolved with the recommended judgement to them so the people in this forum community that Constantly play on the VSP servers would like the clarified responses on these problems.
  2. Now from what i have been seeing on the HOW IT FEELS TO PLAY VSP topic people are pitching the idea of wanting Texas to move to Jersey as they seem to agree with me when i said "Two Texas servers are just dumb". So here is a more "Official Topic". Having 2 texas servers is kinda stupid and ONE OF THEM should be moved. Now the most suggested so far that i have seen is NORMAL TEXAS but i will leave it up to the ponies of this little forum to decide. From what Col and them have said doing this would allow EU and TEXAS to play together to so they wouldn't have asstacular ping range on each other and would be a lot more playable.Thanks for reading and thanks for voting!