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  1. Hello dearlings! I wanted to let you all know about how to join in on the fun in Planetside 2 whenever I am streaming. I run a social Outfit in Planetside 2 that anyone is welcome to join regardless of skill level. Nothing would make me happier than to to play with all of you in my Squad or Platoon! My Alpha Squad always has a Squad Booster when I'm streaming and when we get big enough to form a Platoon, we try to get an additional Squad Booster in Bravo Squad so that no regulars are left out of the increased Cert gain. SERVER/FACTION Sean Connery (US) Terran Republic OUTFIT/TAG Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [sUGR] ABOUT OUR OUTFIT There are a few things that you should know about this Outfit that make it different from any other Outfit in Planetside 2. The first is that this is literally the nerdiest Outfit you could ever join because we enforce Ork roleplay and Ork speak in our Outfit, Platoon, and Squad chat. The Orks that we roleplay aren't the typical dum dum greenskins that you know from fantasy games like World of Warcraft. They're the Orks from the Warhammer 40,000 sci-fi universe. They're made to fight and scrap an' stomp an' win an' dey iz all ubbout stompin' da oo-nee-verz flat! WAAAGH!! Here's the eloquent recruitment message from my page: The Codex Astartes names this maneuver . HOW TO JOIN OUR OUTFIT AND/OR SQUAD There is no way to send Outfit invites to offline players currently, which means that we both have to be online in order for you to receive an Outfit or Squad invite. The best way to do this is to ask for an invite in my chat and include your character name in Planetside 2. Remember that you must be online and in-game to receive the invite. If I am not streaming Planetside 2, you'll have to see if one of the other Officers can invite you to the Outfit. Once you've been invited to the Outfit, you'll usually receive invite to the Squad automatically whenever I start streaming. However, if you can't get an invite to the Squad, you should be able to join it automatically under the Social tab. Q: Am I able to join your Squad/Platoon if I am already in a different Outfit? A: Yes, of course! Joining our Outfit is not a requirement to play with us. Q: I don't know much about Warhammer 40k. How do I speak Ork? A: I created a webpage with an English to Ork Dictionary that you can play around with to see how Orks talk. Their speech is a parody of Northern English. Common Ork lexicon include "WAAAAGH", "redunz go fasta" (referring to how ork vehicles move faster if painted red), and "dakka dakka", which is an onomatopoeia for the sound of bullets and refers to anything with lots of firepower. Q: What are the Outfit ranks? A: We don't maintain a serious heirarchy or anything, but here is a list of our ranks just the same: Da Boss + + + That would be me! + + + Occifer + + + Invite - Join Voice Channel - Set MOTD - Kick Players + + + Nob + + + Invite - Join Voice Channel - Set MOTD + + + Snotling + + + Invite - Join Voice Channel + + + Decapotatoed + + + No Privileges + + + PLANETSIDE 2 ORK LEXICON We make a lot of it up as we go along, but here are the basic ones: Vaanu - "panzee fish'eds" (after the Tau who they resemble from 40k). We call them "sneaky gitz" and "fancypantz" and like to accuse them of running away in high heels with their "makeup casz" between their legs. We also like to make fun of their voice commands: "Need a hair dressa ober 'ere!" New Conglomerate - We call them "Nyoo" Conglomerate. They are lovingly referred to as "Spice Marines" and "Umies" (after the Ultramarines and Space Marines they resemble from 40k). We'll call the girls "Mary Sues" because of the cute way they sound and also in reference to the status of both the Ultramarines and New Conglomerate within both fandoms. Daisy the Defflib being repaired by AzureSkys the Engineer Vehicles - Prefixed with "Deff". Deffgalaxy (Galaxy), Defflib (Liberator), and so on. Oh, and the ones that the bigg boss (me) spawns are always named (like "Daisy da Deffgalaxy") with a giant Daisy decal on the front, so you can't miss them! The only exception to the "deff rule" is the Sunderer, which we refer to as "Sundae". "Dat enemy Sundae needs sprinklez! Giv 'er lotsa dakka!" Squad Beacon - Sqwad Bacon Continents - Indar is India, Esamir is Hoth or 'Fridge, Amerish is Amish Country. Dahaka Amp Station - Lovingly referred to as "Dakka Amp Station". We defend it to the death if anyone is trying to take it while we're on Indar.
  2. I know this is a bizarre place to ask, but I was wondering if any Bronies here were also Planetside 2 players? I know there's the guys on the page, but there's a problem. I'm a Vanu. They're Terran. Fur and Manes will fly when we meet. If we meet.