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  1. Player: Gibus Edgeless ace stuntman (I couldn't find his steam ID, and not sure if there's a way to check it without them entering) Player was gagged, and even confirmed that he was gagged, yet was still talking using the !pony command despite this. I informed him that using this exploit was a banable offence, but he continued. I will try to get his ID as soon as possible, if it cannot be found. Proof ------------ These shots are in order of when they were taken.
  2. this was made to upload my minecraft builds from my single player worlds and also a chance for the minecrafters of ponyville to show of some recent projects they have been working on.lately i have been working on a flim and flam brothers cider shop since i have finished i thought i should make this page not only to show what i made but to get an insight on how well you can also build on minecraft a suggested layout for posting your builds: ign name: schematic if others are allowed to use it: title of your build: screenshots of the build: any notes attached to it e.g. 1 door is bugged etc... thanks for reading the following build is my flim and flam brothers cider shop name: ghb52 schematic: n/a title: flim and flam brothers apples cider shop screenshots: http://forum.ponyvil...necraft-builds/
  3. I was robed by islandboy1998 on 2-19 20:49:12 Lost 8x arrows 1x Enchanted Diamond Sword 17xGolden apples Can an admin help me out? Lost things at X:93.40982238991103 Y:73.62000000476837 Z:-597.4889248784149
  4. I can't access my stats. It keeps showing me this: "Fatal error: Invalid IP in /home/ponyville/ on line 351" Anypony else encountered this problem?