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  1. Heyoo everyone, I am finally putting myself out there to face the requests of the community in Source Filmmaker. From posters, to animations, it's time to start somewhere, and soon. Just to barter with you guys, I'll be taking two free poster requests per month, then the rest are priced. You don't HAVE to request from me, Source Filmmaker is free, and so are all the resources I use, anyone can easily make their own. I'm just doing this to get better at it. Here's the details: Rules: Ask nicely, as simple as that. Nothing NSFW. Go find someone else for that. I'm here for professional work. When requesting a commission, please state the type of commission you want: Poster, Wallpaper, Avatar, Banner. (Animated Posters will have to be discussed through PM). When requesting a commission, please refer to the examples of quality: Lazy, Meh, Average, OCD. Basically will help me understand how much TLC to put in the project. When requesting a commission, please give an estimate of "how soon" you want this done: 3 Days, 1 Week, 1 Month, etc. This will help me prioritize projects. (Don't go competing with each other to get your poster request earlier. That will just get your request ignored.) When requesting a commission, please point out if you want post-processing: Raw SFM Render or Photoshop. This will organize which projects need post-processing and help speed up the priority of projects. When requesting a commission, please use the template provided to request your character, background, and other additional details. That's basically it for the rules. Now to give examples and details: The Free Commissions: Basically the first two people to post a request here will get their poster done for free. Restrictions: The free posters will be created under the "Average" and "1 Week" categories. Refer to the examples for a better understanding. Paid Commissions: Basically every other commission request that the person is aware of and paying for. Paid commissions are 2 ref for the base poster (consisting of one character and background [e.g. maps]). Any additional character would be 1 rec, particles based on complexity could vary from 1 scrap to 1 ref for each variation used, and 1 key for custom scenebuilds (additional keys will be required based off sizes of scenebuilds, and examples will be provided). And just to clean this up and make it cleaner, we'll call these "elements": Elements: Base Cost: 2 Refined Background: Backgrounds are basically maps (e.g. Upward, Hightower, etc) Additional Characters: 1 Reclaimed each Particles: Consist of Unusual effects, killstreak effects, weapon projectiles, or clouds, water, smoke, fire, etc. 1 Scrap - 1 Refined ; based on complexity and type. Scenebuilds: Scenebuilds are custom designed "maps" which take a good amount of time to build: 1 key - 3 keys ; based on general size of scenebuild. Template for Requests: Main Character: Background/Scenebuild: Additional Character(s): Particles: Summary: So a perfect example for this would be: Main Character: Scout (with whatever hats/miscs/paints) or Ponies, etc. Background/Scenebuild: Upward (location optional: e.g. Near Last, or Point B.) Additional Character(s): Soldier (hats/miscs/paints) or Ponies, etc. Particles: Unusuals, Clouds, Explosions Summary: Define what you want. Scout jumping over the cart while Soldier shoots the ground at Scout's feet, rocket explosions, cart toppling over, and rainy skies. You can even do a sketch of how you want something to look if you really want to. Examples for Commission Requests: Type: Poster/Wallpaper - Poster is a lower 1080p resolution version for use on DA or websites, whereas Wallpaper will be in 4K for use as your desktop wallpaper, etc. (Posters can be wallpapers and vice versa.) Poster Example: Spoiler Wallpaper Example: Spoiler Avatar - Steam avatar, youtube, twitter, etc. Example: Spoiler Banner - A banner for any where, twitch, tumblr, websites, etc. Example: Spoiler Quality: Lazy: Spoiler Meh: Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Average: Spoiler Spoiler OCD: Spoiler Post-Processing: RAW: Spoiler Photoshopped: Spoiler Examples for Commission Elements: Characters: Team Fortress Characters, Dota Characters, Ponies, Custom Characters. Backgrounds: Team Fortress Maps, Dota Maps, CSS/CSGO Maps, Pony Maps, Custom Maps. Particles: Clouds, Rain, Fire, Bullets, Explosions, Rocket Trails, Magic Particles, Custom Particles, etc etc etc. Scenebuilds: Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler More details to come soon... *sniff* Maybe.. **Examples are up, requests are open. Have at it!** Link to the original topic:
  2. hello while me and some members in that chats were talking i was uploading really funny images to the caht and thats when i thought we need a whole thread for this type of thing lets share the laughs every body ill start with a applebloom image
  3. Hello All Squishy Here With A Tutorial On How To Use Jug's Custom Pony Models For Your Team Fortress 2...(Meaning Put Them Over You Scout,and Solly) Here Is My Video If You Wish To Watch It... Oh If There Is A 1 In The Name or Any Number... Just Remove It... Steps Customs Folder Make a called pony models then make one called in pony models called models then one in it called player.. 2.go to downloads folder 3.go to models folder jugcustoms folder 5.Pick a Pony 6.then lets say you picked Nightmare Rarity 7.Copy her files to pony models folder...and put the files in that player folder within the Pony Models Folder I told you to make... 8.Remove Any Numbers in the name. 9.Start Game Up And Enjoy... (Note:I Asked Raini If It was okay to Post This Topic And She Said Go For It) Edit:While Doing This Works As Fluttershy'sYAAY says.. it does have issues while Certain Hats And Stuff...But if you don't mind then awesome.. enjoy your new looking chars.. Edit2--List Of Problems That Happen While Using These Models.... 1.Can Make You Lag In A 32 People Server like The Texas Server...(Unsure About This One... Have Not Seen Any Problems With The Amount Of People Yet) 2.*Please Go Look To What Jug Posted Down The List To See What He Said* 3.Messes Up Hat's And Miscs... If You Guys Find Anymore Problems Feel Free To let Me Know...
  4. Krucification's Art Dump Just decided to start this up to show you guys a little bit of my work. First off, my dA Gallery I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think. I'll be posting a couple of other things here shortly, concept art, thumbnails, all that jazz. Hopefully you'll like that as well.
  5. I apologize for the tiredness of this request, but I've been talking to myself (recording) for the past 3 1/2 hours. But seriously, I want to read your story. Out loud. For all the Internets to hear. Or even if it's not yours, if there's a story you think would be wonderful to hear in spoken word, or if you just want to see if you can get me to cringe at a horrible ponyfic, I'm taking on all comers. An example of my capabilities can be seen here: Think you've got a story for me to take on? Link it here. I'll keep you statused on what stories I'm working on as I go along with this. Come at me, bro!
  6. So I finally watched ALL of Ponies the Anthology III, amazing. But I noticed this. (for some reason it starts at the previous clip)(which is still funny, it's from an Anime.) ZOMG, IT'S TEH SERVERZ. How I know, well it looks like it.. Until I saw this. Be sure to pause it and you'll see it says I didn't notice this the first time around. Took me 3 times watching it all to notice it. (If this was already posted sorry, I searched and found nothing relating) Why not through in Ratchness? He wants the server. Just thought I'd put this here.
  7. I was browsing online trying to find people to add to this when I thought some here might want to so if you want to add to this there is the link.
  8. I rarely ask for help when doing things. But this time I am getting kind of desperate. I am a dj and I love what I do. But the problem is. No one will take me serious since my set up is so small and cheap. So i am asking for your help if you will please go to the page in the link. And share it. Like it. and post it. and if you feel generous donate to the cause. there is a video on the page of me djing. One of the reason I am doing this is so that. One day I may be able to have a job that I can enjoy and have a income I can raise a family one.
  9. TL;DR: Helped make a giant collab of silly horse videos with some of the best friends I've ever had.
  10. Ponies Gonna Pwn Me and a friend of mine made a clan on Warframe and we need members BAD If you would like to join pm me on Warframe Ign: Lightning65295 Thanks for your time Lightning
  11. ^ ^ Hello everypony! My name is Showstopper Star and I am new to this website. I was wondering if anypony out there is from Jolly Ol' England like I am, and If any of you are attending the animecon in feburary. It would mean alot to know that there are other pony-lovers out there as well as me, who live in Britan. :) - Showstopper Star
  12. Hello everypony, I thought I'd share some of my own art work, kinda getting tired of the Gallary, especialy when I kinda used up my space...... yeah.... can't blame a guy for wantin to show his pics, can ya? Anyways these are some of my own characters, along with some of our favorite ponies in the show. I still have yet to draw more canon ponies. but.... you know. give me time. First off this is my favorite pic, this my OC Pony, Teck Tik, kind of High Teck (my Ponysona/first OC's) Twin Sister. though she's from a Mirror Dimension of Equestria..... kind of a Rule 63 HT if you will. <Bio and full size pic and ofcourse here is MY No. 1 Favorite Best Pony, Twilight Sparkle! <Full size pic here) And here is High Teck's baby sister, Jenny. and yes I know I posted her in the Gallary before. but again alot of these pics won't be posted in the gallary. <Bio and full sized Picture and, its the Angry Video Game Mare, LUNA! <Full pic and all that good stuffs) My Ponysona/OC himself, High Teck. and Lastly for now, Spacetwilight! ......yeah I created her as a mutated clone of Twilight Sparkle.... she's ment to be a new super villian. but. I can already tell nopony likes her. so yeah. <Bio and such) Thats it for now. hope you all like this stuff. if Mods feel fit they can delete this thread.
  13. Who do you think your most like? I believe I'm like Snails because he has freckles and is considered 'annoying' but don't worry I'm probably not as annoying. I'm also like Twilight Sparkle because I know lots of stuff (but not magic D:)
  14. Share your style of gameplay if you want, or talk about other ponies style. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mines is simple. I equip a loadout that most tryhards wouldnt use in their lifetime. Heres one loadout, Soldier: Beggars Bazooka, Buff Banner, and um........any pickaxe. I get yelled at for doing this sometimes, but its worth the trolling. I spam first, then use the buff. All I can say is, "Welcome to hell!" Assuming that I have amo to use. For some reason, Im actually pretty good with the natascha. I remember one good day I had with it. It was at foundry a while ago. I must have been high on sugar or something, but I was just demolishing Lyra with it. His expression was priceless. Anyways, My style is basically: Equip random stuff and hope for the best. My other loadouts at the moment are pretty basic ones. The type that other people are using. Lets talk guys!
  15. You don't know me, but I am a pony scientist. And I have wrote this half-fanfic, half-essay on ponies, and their ancestors. And there's more from there! Ask me about something sciency that's pony-related and I'll try and come up with a hypothesis.
  16. Found this testy thing! Answer all the questions, and see which pony you are most like. Check it out here! And then post your results! AND NO SLANTING YOUR ANSWERS TOWARDS YOUR FAVORITE PONY. Be honest now.
  17. Heres what we're going to do. One at a time, I am going to state a life question in this thread. Once the question is posted, we will think deep and answer it with our own thoughts and opinions. This will help us better understand eachother. After posting your answer, feel free to respond to eachother's post. Communicating with eachother on a personal level is the main goal of this thread. First Question What is your goal in life? (It can be as many goals as you want.)
  18. Hello everyone, im looking for new wallpapers since my wallpapers have been the same for like 6 months or something. So, go ahead and feel free to share awesome wallpapers, pony drawings with awesome backgrounds or cool photos :3 PS: Dont know if this thread is in the right place :/ ....
  19. What would you do if you were the only Human in Equestria? How would you get by, day by day? How would you make ends meet and get gold bits to feed yourself? Who would you bunker with for the first few days in living at Ponyville? Would you follow the strict and holy vegetarian diet of the ponies or would you be a tyrrant and go out hunting for small animals to satisfy your carnivorous sins? Would you find love? If you confessed your feelings towards a pony then who would it be? If you confessed your feelings to a pony of your liking then what would you say? If you were to serve under Celestia or Luna who would you pick and why? Would you meet up with a OC or would you go down the adventurous path yourself? What delightful adventures would you have on Equestria? This is about being the only Human in Equestria. Let your imaginations soar and express yourself for the whole world to see. And remember to have fun and be creative.
  20. okay you know in kingdom hearts 2 when sora is singing a song with a Disney char like the little mermaid to "part of your world", what pony song do you think sora should sing with the ponies and will sora be a pony or his human form in the pony world
  21. Today, on the California Tf2 server, I met this guy named "El Negro Gooby <something>." I met this guy about a month ago on the same server, too. Every time he died, he said "We lost team, everyone give up." Over and over again. (Says the guy running around in circles.) Basically the second biggest troll I've met, combined with the obnoxiousness of his other comments. Back then, his name was something like "Kanye West (aka El Negro)." Halfway through the game, he changed his name to "El Negro." All three of his names that I have seen include El Negro in it, but because of this name switching I can't find his Steam ID. Today, he admitted that he was on a pony server, yet found My Little Pony to be the stupidest things he knows of. I made a comment regarding the fact that I remembered him, and he just made a rude retort with little to no reason. Also, another player had died a few times in his sight, and he told that player that they sucked and were a faggot or something. In the next map, Minepit, he said, "Oh no, we're gonna lose, we have <player> on our team," only in a somewhat more vicious way. He has repeatedly been told to stop making these comments by other players on the server, yet he continued. Is this grounds for a ban? He made many other comments besides the ones stated, too, and who knows what he's said and done other times. If this guy IS valid for a ban, can someone track him down? I don't know what his Steam ID is. He seems to find a way to piss off everyone on the server. Thanks everypony :)
  22. If you were in the soul eater world what would be your wepon and also which pony of the mane 6 or other bg pony would you partner with or do a soul resonance and what would your soul resonance be called Mine:Would be a Tonfa and my partner pony would be Pinkie pie and our soul resonace will be called Beatdown Party Cannon, were i go all out and everytime i hit somebody the impact would hurt and plus it will explode like a cannon blowing them away
  23. I need somepony to proofread a rough draft of a mlp story that im working on to see if im going on the right track or what i need to change here is the link to the story okay here is the story so i need somepony to proofread it and tell me whats woring or if im on the right track its not done in the slightest but i just need to know if im doing it right
  24. forget about our poltical leaders twilight sparkle is gonna swoop in and save the world .love and tolrence ftw