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  1. Key Authors: TheGandalf - Mapper/Editor Contributors: Puny Human LLC - Textures, Map Design, Misc. Sounds, Concept X0 INTRODUCTION This is a project which involves porting a map from a ever-so-popular Half Life 2 Modification called Dystopia into a working TF2 map. This Project is basically under construction, and this forum post is for whoever wants to follow it. I will be posting all my findings in this post via edit, and any replies to inquiries under a new reply. The map that is directly being ported is dys_assemble, and the gametype it being ported into is cp_dustbowl styled Capture The Points. Being it under the style of gameplay of Dystopia, yes, there will be a cyberworld where a single player can enter every 30 - 60 seconds to help with the -hacking- part of the map, which enable the player to be able to open/close up pathways for their/the opposing team, to actually directly capturing points. X1 Textures, Filesize, and You The map itself is, at the moment, void of all textures and props. The first step is to either... A: Port the textures from the game itself and Pakrat that sucker in. I will exclude the Props, and fill it with default. Pros: Less work for me Map looks much better Cons: VERY LARGE file-map size B: Introduce new textures to the map, using default TF2 / HL2 Textures Pros: Lessening Legal Issues (If Any) Much Less Filesize Cons: More work for me :( Map may vary in looks Here are some screenshots of the map litterally stripped of all its texture. Main Point: Punks/Blu Spawn UPDATE TIME! (1) I have finally, after so many hours, successfully compiled a working map to go with. The map as of now is currently void of all entities, including lights. So I better get to work! Heres some more screenies for more hoofinaningans. The lighting looks horrible because I had to enable mat_fullbright due to the fact the lights of the place were deleted due to complications in the compile. Main Point: Underground Tunnel: Punks / Blu Spawn: