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  1. So... 60 seconds left in the round and there is a pyro on a dispenser with the normal flamethrower all he did for said 60 seconds is airblast I rage he is on a dispenser (I'm playing as Nightmare Rarity) he airblast me constantly I can't do nothing and they make it a stalemate either make Pyro's airblast cost alot of ammo or make sure they don't get ammo from dispensers/ammo packs
  2. Just basically post a screenshot of your Classes. Sorry for the massive image :L Can't figure out how to do a spoiler tag.
  4. As discussed in my other topic, Unusual trading is for another thread. And this is that thread! I'll go first; Selling an Engineer's Cap with MFlies for 1 bud/25 keys, or a Hotrod with Oribiting planets.
  5. Someone had to make a topic for it! So the pyro is definitely Pinkie Pie.
  6. Hello all you fancy highlander team members. I'm interested in becoming one of you guys, but I have no idea how to do so. any help would be appreciated. Also, Read the tags.