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  1. I'm wonder if this would be possible on this forum, as I've seen it done on others. Could we have special pony-themed smilies? Like, I mean ones that automatically replace ":)" with an image when you post. I've seen it done before, but I'm not sure how tricky it would be. I'd like to be able to type ":(" in my posts and comments and have it replaced by a sad Fluttershy face. Of course, a bunch of smiley images would have to be custom made for every ":D" ":(" "0.o" we could think of, so that would require some effort. I like doing that kind of thing, so if people like this idea, I might create a few just for fun. I guess if coding the automatic thing is undoable for whatever reason, just adding more to the smilies list would be pretty cool too.