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  1. Just posting this since when I was spam testing Thi on the two Texas servers recently, people were asking me a lot of (the same) questions and it seems the memory of this hale faded over the last month. GENERAL Who is Thi? Thi isn't a pre-existing popular pony concept. She's a character from the game Rise of the Triad. If you weren't online in the mid-late 90's you've probably never heard of it. It's one of the more obscure first person shooters, since despite being in development since before DOOM, it was most certainly eclipsed by it. It had many unique qualities in 1994 like supporting players/NPCs above players/NPCs, using basic sprite platforms to allow 3d experiences that map boundaries couldn't support in the engines at the time. (it wasn't until id tech 2 (Quake) that these limitations were surpassed in your typical FPS) It also had some of the craziest (and somewhat impractical) weapons for an FPS at the time. The platforming aspects and the weird weapons inspired me to make this boss...I figured they'd be fun together and I'd be able to make lots of things in a boss that no one has done before. (apparently I've been plagarizing Friagram for awhile without even realizing it, or so he claims :P ) So why is this a boss on a pony server? I originally created her as a public boss, a tribute to Rise of the Triad. You can even find her on allied modders, source code included. (Blinx and RavensBro converted the human model there) But since she's so unique, I asked Raini if she'd accept a ponified version and she said yes. So she's somewhat like Judge Stallione, who is only a thing because Friagram made a human Judge Dredd as a boss first. Sweet. Does that mean I can have (character) ponified and playable as a boss? Filling up the server with OCs/crossovers with derivative rages would be bad on so many levels. The only reason Stallione and Thi got through are because they both have one-of-a-kind gameplay and didn't start off as ponies. Raini makes the final calls and I won't claim to speak for her, but from what people have told me, OC/crossover bosses would need to have some extreme justification to be added. I would highly recommend against risking the wasted efforts in that regard. You'll note that all my other hales and rages have been for canon characters and wildly popular (millions+ for Button for example) OCs. (yes I know Button had 1 second of airtime, meh) Did you make the model? No. It was created by No Name and frankly he did an awesome job with it. The jacket is seriously cool. :D Who did the voices? The voices were ripped (poorly) from the 2013 remake of Rise of the Triad, which is available on Steam. Why is there no fall damage when Thi is boss? Two reasons: Fall damage didn't exist in oldschool FPSes (including both versions of ROTT), and because people would too easily fall to their deaths with the jump pad. A quiet third reason is because I personally dislike fall damage and I can cite rocket launchers as a balance reason. ;P Why are you testing her the way you do? I have two goals with testing...stability and balance. But I think the server was getting DDoSed on the first day because people kept lagging out...even in the pre-round. It did spook me nonetheless so I wanted to ensure that sustained play of Thi in multiple iterations on multiple maps doesn't cause problems. There do seem to be initial resource caching issues as early on there were many client-side crashes, but I believe this has subsided. As for balance, I apologize for not asking people if they want to be boss like I usually do...but I understand now why Raini didn't either. There's no way to have a good sense of balance if it's always the same tryhards who always volunteer playing her exclusively. Then I'll end up nerfing her into unplayability since she'd always win. :P Is Thi from Fallout: Equestria? No. BALANCE Why is her melee/pistol so weak? Two reasons: Because melee in oldschool FPS games was weak (though original ROTT had no melee), and to balance out the fact she gets speed (which oldschool FPSes including ROTT are known for) and powerful rocket launchers. Pistol is the's useful in the endgame but easily countered by medics and dispensers early on. It was weak in both ROTT incarnations but since it's true to ROTT in that there's no ammo/clip limitations, it must not be too powerful. Incidentally, I wanted to make a boss where you generally have to rage or use rage-consuming abilities, since I've always felt no-raging is somewhat counter to the original FF2 concept. Unfortunately the only existing bosses where you typically must rage are Slenderman clones who move slowly, teleport, and stun frequently in a huge radius. (Servant Grunt, Weeping Angel are the same) Unfun to play, lame to play against. Why doesn't her rage stun sentries? Because it takes one direct rocket hit to destroy them. It's intended that you use some of your precious rockets to deal with buildings. I can't kill KGBs as Thi! On its face, KGBs are Thi's mortal enemy. They take something like 7-9 shots to kill, and that dalokah's bar/sandvich effect makes things worse. The most effective way to kill one is to rage, get rocket launchers, and barrage the KGB. A trickier way is to make a jump pad and quickly weigh down, much like Rainbow Dash can triple-jump goomba...but if your ping is too high you'll have trouble with this. On select maps (crevice, mc village) you can effectively pistol spam them slowly to death if there's no medics around. That Soldier took no damage from my firebomb/drunk missile! Looks like someone's using the Battalion's Backup. There's a penalty on the Battalion where melee damage is sharply increased while it's the active weapon. If you face a Battalion soldier, you must aggressively pursue them (it's worth buying jump pads to tunnel them) because that thing will eat up all your damage. And for your sake, DO NOT PISTOL SPAM WHEN BATTALION SOLDIERS ARE AROUND. One 10 damage hit is enough to fill up that soldier's rage and in turn they'll protect everyone around them. Do you plan on tweaking the balance? Right now all I plan to do is: - Give a very small clip rocket launcher with armor, if the boss doesn't already have one. This was a bit of a design failure on my part, since they have armor but no mobility options unless a melee hit comes in. - Reduce the cost of slicers to make them more viable. GAMEPLAY What does each prop do? Jump Pad sends a person upward when they walk over it. It sends someone roughly half the height of a fully charged super jump. Angle Pad sends a person flying at an angle when they land on it. This is more expensive to make since it's a very effective means of travel, though multiple used in succession are impossible to reuse effectively. Slicer is a trap that cannot be destroyed. Walking through it damages the mercs over time. Platform is a cheap platform that's best used to create bridges. Can props be destroyed? Yes, except for the slicer. It's deliberately tweaked in code so that the boss can destroy props with 3-4 swings of the bat. It takes the mercs 1000 hp of damage to destroy props -- to discourage doing so except in instances where the merc is stuck. What does each powerup do? Bazooka is a rocket launcher with a clip of 10. It fires normally. Heatseeker is a rocket launcher with a clip of 7. It has homing properties, but will not home on buildings. (no homing weapons do) Split Missile is a rocket launcher with a clip of 7. It fires two rockets, each at a 45 degree angle away from where the player's looking. They have homing properties. Drunk Missile is a rocket launcher with a clip of 5. It fires five rockets in a cross pattern. They have homing but they also randomly deviate, and once a rocket loses its homing target, it gives up and doesn't lock onto anything else. Most effectively used firing at the ground against KGBs. Firebomb is a rocket launcher with a clip of 5. It also has the highest base damage. Its chance of appearing is low, but it is deadly against large crowds as it will cause additional explosions to go off in a cross pattern around the initial detonation. Armor blocks all non-melee incoming damage. God Mode provides uber, knockback immunity, and a very aggressive infinite ammo homing rocket launcher for a very short period of time. Thi laughs maniacally when she gets it and sounds from the 1994 ROTT play during God Mode. By design, you cannot rocket jump during god mode, but if you're in an open area you need only fire into the air and the projectiles will find something to lock onto. Can Thi select which powerup she gets? No, because by design they are not equal. The more powerful powerups have a lower chance of appearing. Can Thi rocket jump? Yes, but not the normal way. Simply look down, jump, and fire. DO NOT CROUCH.
  2. So, after playing a forum game where the point is to answer the previous poster's question with a song's title I thought to myself: "Why can't we answer with some lyrics from a song?" It was then that I got the idea to start this topic. Basically, the rules are to answer the question posted above with lyrics from a song (while posting the song's name and artist) and then to ask your own question. The answer doesn't have to be lyrics from a song you like or hate, the song doesn't have to be any specific genre or anything, and while I prefer everypony to post lyrics that make sense when applied to the question above, you don't have to and can post lyrics that make little to no sense when applied to the question. And the question can be about anything ranging from pony to the end of the world. Quite simple, no? Here's the game format: "Song lyrics" Song Title - Song Artist Question Just to clarify the game's rules and format, I will be posting an answer to the first question and then another question to start off the game. Is everypony ready?
  3. So, I liked the idea of what Cinnamon and Pixel did for their 3k and 1k posts and I have reached two thousand here I am....willing to answer any question with a promised truthful answer. But unlike their their threads, this is also a suggestion thread for drawings....because I think you all know that I need more practice... So, I will take any suggestion for a picture but if you want a good picture, suggest a pony and if you are going to suggest and OC please include a picture... Have a nice day ^_^