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  1. Me: "Gah, im SOO bored... I KNOW!! I'll start a thread!" And that's how Equestria this thread was made! So, if you have an avatar/OC, and if it has a backstory, what is it? Mine would be: At a young age Pencil Doodle's parents were violently killed in the crossfire of a terrible war that crippled his homeland. While search parties where sweeping up the reckage and gathering fallen bodies, he was found under the rebel of his house. He was then taken back to an orphanage in Canterlot, he showed great magical potential during childhood, and was enrolled as a student of Princess Celestia. He is currently studying and working under her, but also studying the dark arts without her knowing, growing more powerful to get revenge on those responsible for his parents death's... now of-course that has nothing to do with my real life, but meh...
  2. Since we are starting to get new members, I felt that an introduction thread was in order. If you are new to the forum or would just like to say hello to everyone, please post here and tell us a little about yourself! ABOUT ME Most of you already know me, or at least know of me if you've been around the servers or the Ponyville Steam Group, which I founded and maintain. This community originated with my Ponyville: Friendship is AllTalk TF2 servers, which have since expanded to include Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and DayZ servers. I created the Ponyvote_Party Vote Map that you see on Ponyville California with Para as well as a few of the other things that you see around this community. I used to play TF2 on my servers at least 5 hours a day back when I was competitive, but recently I've been more preoccupied playing and streaming other videogames on, where I am a Partner. If you ever need to get in touch with me in real-time outside of the forums, I'll usually be there. Other than videogames, I also enjoy coding and webdesign for fun, reading sci-fi or fantasy comics/novels (Berserk by Kentaro Miura being my favorite), and watching anything Star Trek (except Enterprise *shudder*). THE FANDOM AND ME You've all probably realized it by now, but I'm a big fan of My Little Pony! I grew up watching the original show and movies as a little girl and collected the toys. I'm even a bit of an equestrian in real life! One of the reasons I created my first TF2 server was that I'm as much in love with MLP:FiM as I am the online community that has evolved around it. It is remarkable to me that this show has managed to charm such a dedicated and eclectic fanbase in such a short period of time. Every day I discover creative and unique contributions that people have made to the fandom, which is why I feel so inspired to make a mark with my own servers by making them as pony-themed as possible! I'm looking forward to meeting and playing with all of you. See you around~!
  3. Hey everyone Heart Shatter here to tell you guys to join in on the fun using this thread and pretend real life is a video game and start making comparisons. Example: This game called "Life" kinda sucks. The respawn time takes too long. And you can only level up once a year. HAVE FUN
  4. Simple story beginning in ponyville with my character, Cloud Charger. Story will adapt as seen fit by characters/players. Rules: -No ruptures in fourth wall that disrupts story EX: No CONTACT with world outside Equestria, but Pinkie Pie waving to audience is fine. -exceptions will be made as seen fit by players EX: character ORIGINATING from country outside Equestria are allowed (not allowed contact from that country) -If your character is speaking, use quotation marks, please. -Character needs description, when introducing your character for the first time, use OOC (Out Of Character) to type the description of your pony in your first post. -If asking to join describe to me your OC you will be using, and I will quickly make a decision as soon as I see it. -Post a picture of your OC if possible, unless it's your profile pic, or you Don't have one -I will decide if your character is okay, I don't want any adult dragons swooping in, though I might allow one or two child/adolescent dragons, based on adventure group's size. -Other than characters, everyone will have a say in events and actions taken, but I have the final decision in any RP matter, including the event of any Mane 6 character. EX: If two are arguing over an apple hitting someone, I will decide if it hit. -If you need to leave in a hurry, say "OOC: have to go" and I will phase your character out of the story. -Trolls are to be ignored, do not respond to him/her. If you provoke him/her, I will phase out of story until next event (In-RP event or otherwise) -The RP will be held afterschool at 5:30 pm central if I'm not working, and every weekend at 12:00 pm Central, 10:00 pacific, with the exception of today. PM me if you would like that changed. -The RP may only be held with me present. -Rules will be updated as needed, nothing here is set in stone
  5. I like to role play i found not that many on the fourms, i was part of another RP but it has been not used so i am starting my own it is open to any skill set, new or old Rp'ers. here are some basic rules 1. No overly sexual activities. 2. No disgusting descriptions. 3. No insane stupidity, such as extremely random things. 4. No logic breaking. 5. Be respectful of fellow RP-ers. 6. Be in character. If you're representing a character, either from the show, or some other media, try to stay in character, even if it is fanon character. 7. Don't write for other characters. You can write your own characters actions, but you can't put words in another characters mouth. 8. Don't break the fourth wall unless you are a character like Pinkie Pie, and even then, don't over-do it. Just try not to do it, if possible. A humorous *wave to the audience* is okay. 9. Don't randomly RP a character from another Universe without giving a GOOD and detailed explanation of WHY that character finds themselves in Equestria. Some characters are easier to cross-over than others, whilst some are just silly. When in doubt, ask myself. 10. one at a time you will all get a turn feel free to jump in at any time Story not much of one it is what we make of it i will be rp'ing my self if we get some people we can set a time so we all can rp together it is set in Canterlot also use OOC when you are not in character
  6. Rp where evil is fighting good. I have 55 OCs, so there will be no low moments.
  7. Hey guys. my name is Andreas Alexander Fox II. but you can call me andy for short. i'm looking to start a new RP and i was wondering if anyone would like to help me out with this. Send me your OC's background and i will send a message back letting you know that you can join. I have just a few rules. 1.) Be nice to everyone else 2.) No bullying 3) Have fun
  8. I had this cute little idea in mind for an RP. No story, no plot no nothing. Just your OCs and me as Discord. I'll have each one of you put in a different sort of ambient, creating new obstacles and interpreting them every time you surpass the last one, and, determined by wether you fail or not, discord you or not. All ponies, background and OCs alike, are allowed, as long as it isn't the mane six. Every time you are freed or discorded, you may enter another adventure using another character. A maximum of three may join an adventure at any given time. I'll start as soon as I get at least one person, and insert in it anyone else who may want to join. I am also allowed to use your characters to a small extent. For narrative reasons. Let the Games begin!
  9. On the horizon the sun was just making its slow crawl up the sky to replace the moon as a furtive shadow made its way to the old oak doors of the library. Fumbling in his overcoat pocket with his right front hoof, he pulled out a key ring as he cycled through the keys. Finding the key that fit the lock perfectly, he turns the knob as the door opened with a light gust of wind blowing off the dark fedora-like hat that sat atop his head. He sighed, picking up the hat as he dusted it off, placing it on the coat rack along with his overcoat that sat behind the counter. He grimaced as he looked down at what he was wearing, a ghastly green plaid coat with a dull brown bow tie to boot. They just weren’t his colors. Even his cutie mark was an arrangement of musical notes that highly contrasted to his real cutie mark that hid beneath this highly crafted disguise. Everything about him was dissatisfying. He looked more like a stuffy old professor from the university or the previous temporary librarian in which the disguise was modeled, Little Wit. Had it not been for the sake of the mission he would never go through with such a loss of his personality but the orders of the Princesses was absolute. He unbuttoning the jacket and undershirt while loosening the bowtie from around his neck, casting each aside in a heap behind the counter. He opened the doors of the large black cabinet that revealed a rack of ties, white shirts, assorted vests, and other obscure items that lined the paneling. He gave a smile grin before he began dressing himself, buttoning up his shirt , fastening his auburn vest with its many pockets being filled with objects, and finally tightening the light purple tie around his neck. He whistles seeing himself in the mirror. “Canter, you handsome devil you.” There he went speaking his thought aloud again. He chuckles before noticing he’s still wearing the fake horn and patched over cutie mark that are a part of a disguise. He quickly reached for the horn as he pulled it off with a bit of difficulty. The cutie mark patch was just as difficult, pulling it off by using his teeth as his true cutie mark that of strange engraved sliver key and a keyhole surrounded by a dark purple glow became visible. Closing the cabinet swiftly and picking up all the material evidence of his disguise identity, he unlocks the door to the special collections behind him, tossing all the objects down a drop shoot that was covered by a plain cardboard box. He sighed again, closing and locking the door behind himself before siting up on his stool and placing his circular glasses on his face. It wasn’t an easy life being senior captain of Equestria’s Internal Intelligence division but it was the life best suited to him. Of course, such a double life would be exhausting to normal ponies that required sleep but he was far from you average earth pony. There was much more to Canter than met the eye. Much less he was willing to tell unless it concerned a vial need to. He only watched as the sun reached its point in the sky where early morning began, he himself writing letters of some kind overviewing the case he had been working on the previous night. He wondered who would come and converse in the library, would need help finding things, or of his assistance being required in one way or another. Though the most reoccurring thought was how long the black dye would hide his single white stripe in his mane? For he did not mind, looking a slight bit younger than he really was, if only temporarily.
  10. I want to play a game with you, ponyvilians. Not a normal game that you are used to, where a band of heros save the day. That's too old hat. Too predictable. No, I want to play a new game, where the only hero is the one able to make it out of his chair not dying. Regular Rps require some give and take from both sides. Here, I give the situation and you take your choice, hoping that your luck keeps running. Do not think I play this game to watch anypony fail. Quite the opposite, I wish to see who can rise above in the most gruesome of circumstances. And there will be a prize for the first "contestant" (victim) to "complete" (survive) some odd number of traps. What kind of prize you ask? Well, considering my bits have never been touched in months, my current balance is over 20,000. That is the jackpot for the first winner of 20 traps. Don't worry, I keep fair score. As for consolation prizes after first, we'll just have to play that by ear (if you still have one, that is). The rules to this game are simple, and easily familiar if you have ever played 'Zork'. I will take 1-9 contestants at a time into a short Rpsituation at a time. I set the scene, and predict what will happen. After that is up to your cunning and wit. Also, a new twist. Suppose somepony were to look into a drawer. Well, only he would see the contents, so why would I tell everyone? No, instead if only certain ponies see something differently, then I shall message them. After that they are free to post on this thread to tell the others. This is not a traditional "Saw" viewpoint. You will not always have to do something gruesome to yourself. This is Rp, and anyone could do anything without regret. I only wish to find your tenacity through complex puzzles. So what do you say, Ponyville? Care to play a game? Don't forget your thinking caps. You might not have a head for one later if you do.
  11. Hello everypony! I noticed there are a few key individuals who enjoy mixing time travel and all the fun fiascos that entail as much as I do. So, I decided to create an RP for all those guys and people wanting to join in on the time travel talk. I guarantee there will be endless fun, and I hope Septus and Dr. Whooves see this. Feel free to jump in at any time! That is the joy of time travel, after all. *Ahem* To start off.... IC: Stargazer and Delta walked through the library of the Hall of Time, deep in conversation. "So the Council is starting a new team." Stargazer spoke quietly, not wanting to spread word around. "Why are they doing that?" "I don't know. Honestly, I thought they learned certain time travelers shouldn't be given such.... priveleges." Delta whispered. "But why am I needed back? I thought you were the new guardian." "I still am, but I suppose they need the best for the new assignments."
  12. ((just random. No real plot yet)) Royal Blue walked around town, happy as can be. That was strange because she was always depressed. She spotted an old friend. "Hey, Will!"
  13. It was yet another shinning day in Equestria, the sky was blue, the sun was gold, and nothing was out of the ordinary... Well, there was always this one pony who would always walk through town. He wore a light-grey hooded robe, a pentagram necklace, and from what could be seen; he had tea-brown fur. He never spoke much, and would only ever open his mouth when he was buying something from a local merchant. He always seemed to be looking for something; Items? Places?... Trouble? Either way, whenever he saw certain ponies, he'd always quietly tell them his supposed name "Pencil Doodle" Today was no different, he was still walking around, doing his normal routine. Except something was different... everypony seemed a lot angrier today... Couples arguing, children bickering, even some teens throwing hard punches. This is completely unorthodox for such a town; this was a society of peace, not of strife. Pencil seemed off-put himself, not angry like everyone around him, but simply stressed. He's been running around, trying to find clues to this sudden change of behavior. He's trotting about, inspecting certain items, and muttering untranslatable profanities to himself
  14. Have you ever wanted to taste the thrill of adventure? Smell the sweet salt air o' the sea wash o'er 'ye, feel th' rush o' blood as yer' ship creaks and groans in protest in eavy', tossin' storms, threatinin' t' tip ya' o'er and send ya all to rest in Davy Jones's locker? Well, now be yer' chance, by the Princesses! The newest commissioned ship in th' Princesses's navy, th' Royal Equestrian Navy [R.E.N.] Icarus be sailin' t' collectin' booty and crewponies, arrrr! Basic rules, y'lubbers! 1. Don't be a lubberin' cur, y'fools. Be treatin' folks nicely OOC, and only badly IC for IC reasons, by the powers! 2. Be leavin' a dock for th' next post! Nopony likes someone who drops anchor in a bay with no way around. 3. Don't ye' e'er make others' actions for em! Write yer own, but don't try to manage your friends rigging! 4. In combat, if we make it, nay there be an auto-hit! Naythin like 'I be shootin' him and his arm off' unless ye be fighting a wee bunny, or a lil' zombie, by yerself! Characters: In Game Name: Character Name: Position(s) you'd like to fill: Experience: [Has your character ever been sailing before? Were they once whalers? Or totally green landlubbers?] [short!] Background: [i nay' be asking for an essay, but a wee paragraph or two o' history of where y'came from would be nice, aye!]