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  1. Ok everyone! Welcome to the name-game thread the rules are simple: You must reply in a single word that relates to the word above you. (The exception being titles, such as band names) EX: cat - feline - animal - ram - Dodge - ball - basket - picnic - Yogi Bear - theft, ect I'll start: Pony
  2. Example: Poster 1: What's for dinner? Poster 2: 30,000 pounds of bananas. {Harry Chapin} Then poster 2 would ask a question, and it goes from there. Have fun! Start What's your favorite color?
  3. You know those really useless websites that claim to give "Free Minecraft Premium Codes", "Free Roblox Gift Card Codes", Etcetera. I found one called "DivineDeals" on my iPad earlier and start messing around with the survey it gave me, after I exit out of the survey screen it says I found a code (Which just so happens to be repeatable. M96Y-XJF1-LS34-5LBN) After I think I beat the system, it gives me a screen where I have to get 5 unique referrals. So I download the "Puffin Browser: Free Version", go to the referral page, delete the Browser, and redownload 5 times. After I do that I took a screenshot to say I made it that far: After I click the obvious button I get this: Dear Princess Celestia, Today I learned that scam websites are scams. Your not surprised student, Noteworthy [EDIT: Also, happy four in the morning.]
  4. So, after playing a forum game where the point is to answer the previous poster's question with a song's title I thought to myself: "Why can't we answer with some lyrics from a song?" It was then that I got the idea to start this topic. Basically, the rules are to answer the question posted above with lyrics from a song (while posting the song's name and artist) and then to ask your own question. The answer doesn't have to be lyrics from a song you like or hate, the song doesn't have to be any specific genre or anything, and while I prefer everypony to post lyrics that make sense when applied to the question above, you don't have to and can post lyrics that make little to no sense when applied to the question. And the question can be about anything ranging from pony to the end of the world. Quite simple, no? Here's the game format: "Song lyrics" Song Title - Song Artist Question Just to clarify the game's rules and format, I will be posting an answer to the first question and then another question to start off the game. Is everypony ready?