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Found 2 results

  1. Suggestion: 1. Add ranks (not ranking) to the server. Guest - Cannot do a thing, just sit back and watch (Suggestions maybe). :O Regular - When VIP/Admin/Owner start a votekick/voteban, he/she can vote. VIP - Can start a votekick//voteban. Admin - (Up to you) Owner - Owner of the server, what else? Need votekick/voteban to control the server Basically, votekick - Not longer than 5 minutes (Insulting, AFK, minge....) voteban(For VIP) - Not longer than 60 minutes.(Glitch, Hack, Mass RDM [Killing innocent or Detective rounded up for 4 kill or above as Innocent....) ^ Both need valid reasons. 2.Need active players as Regular/VIP/Admin Sometimes, when there's no Owner around, players minge around, spraying porn/sexual spray, etc. Need someone to control the server.. It's up to the owner. ^Trust me, lately a lot minge/trolls came into the server, after simply RDM/Mass RDM to create chaos around here, they left. Seriously need IP ban. 3. Rules Some add more rules (suggestions from players) (a) No porn, sexual harassment, troll, homosexual,insult, racism spray (or anything offensive that could relate to these) ( .... 4. Karma (a) Further Increase the karma deduction for RDMers/First Blood RDMers. ( For secondary RDMers, slightly decrease the karma deduction. ^ Both affects the damage done starting from next round. Note: I not sure these have been brought up. Will add more if something comes to my mind... Sorry for my bad English. >_<
  2. So I was just looking around at more peoples profiles and I'm just wondering where do you get into groups and how do you upgrade your status (ex. Newbronie, bronie etc.)?