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  1. Since we are starting to get new members, I felt that an introduction thread was in order. If you are new to the forum or would just like to say hello to everyone, please post here and tell us a little about yourself! ABOUT ME Most of you already know me, or at least know of me if you've been around the servers or the Ponyville Steam Group, which I founded and maintain. This community originated with my Ponyville: Friendship is AllTalk TF2 servers, which have since expanded to include Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and DayZ servers. I created the Ponyvote_Party Vote Map that you see on Ponyville California with Para as well as a few of the other things that you see around this community. I used to play TF2 on my servers at least 5 hours a day back when I was competitive, but recently I've been more preoccupied playing and streaming other videogames on, where I am a Partner. If you ever need to get in touch with me in real-time outside of the forums, I'll usually be there. Other than videogames, I also enjoy coding and webdesign for fun, reading sci-fi or fantasy comics/novels (Berserk by Kentaro Miura being my favorite), and watching anything Star Trek (except Enterprise *shudder*). THE FANDOM AND ME You've all probably realized it by now, but I'm a big fan of My Little Pony! I grew up watching the original show and movies as a little girl and collected the toys. I'm even a bit of an equestrian in real life! One of the reasons I created my first TF2 server was that I'm as much in love with MLP:FiM as I am the online community that has evolved around it. It is remarkable to me that this show has managed to charm such a dedicated and eclectic fanbase in such a short period of time. Every day I discover creative and unique contributions that people have made to the fandom, which is why I feel so inspired to make a mark with my own servers by making them as pony-themed as possible! I'm looking forward to meeting and playing with all of you. See you around~!
  2. I like to role play i found not that many on the fourms, i was part of another RP but it has been not used so i am starting my own it is open to any skill set, new or old Rp'ers. here are some basic rules 1. No overly sexual activities. 2. No disgusting descriptions. 3. No insane stupidity, such as extremely random things. 4. No logic breaking. 5. Be respectful of fellow RP-ers. 6. Be in character. If you're representing a character, either from the show, or some other media, try to stay in character, even if it is fanon character. 7. Don't write for other characters. You can write your own characters actions, but you can't put words in another characters mouth. 8. Don't break the fourth wall unless you are a character like Pinkie Pie, and even then, don't over-do it. Just try not to do it, if possible. A humorous *wave to the audience* is okay. 9. Don't randomly RP a character from another Universe without giving a GOOD and detailed explanation of WHY that character finds themselves in Equestria. Some characters are easier to cross-over than others, whilst some are just silly. When in doubt, ask myself. 10. one at a time you will all get a turn feel free to jump in at any time Story not much of one it is what we make of it i will be rp'ing my self if we get some people we can set a time so we all can rp together it is set in Canterlot also use OOC when you are not in character
  3. Have you ever wanted to taste the thrill of adventure? Smell the sweet salt air o' the sea wash o'er 'ye, feel th' rush o' blood as yer' ship creaks and groans in protest in eavy', tossin' storms, threatinin' t' tip ya' o'er and send ya all to rest in Davy Jones's locker? Well, now be yer' chance, by the Princesses! The newest commissioned ship in th' Princesses's navy, th' Royal Equestrian Navy [R.E.N.] Icarus be sailin' t' collectin' booty and crewponies, arrrr! Basic rules, y'lubbers! 1. Don't be a lubberin' cur, y'fools. Be treatin' folks nicely OOC, and only badly IC for IC reasons, by the powers! 2. Be leavin' a dock for th' next post! Nopony likes someone who drops anchor in a bay with no way around. 3. Don't ye' e'er make others' actions for em! Write yer own, but don't try to manage your friends rigging! 4. In combat, if we make it, nay there be an auto-hit! Naythin like 'I be shootin' him and his arm off' unless ye be fighting a wee bunny, or a lil' zombie, by yerself! Characters: In Game Name: Character Name: Position(s) you'd like to fill: Experience: [Has your character ever been sailing before? Were they once whalers? Or totally green landlubbers?] [short!] Background: [i nay' be asking for an essay, but a wee paragraph or two o' history of where y'came from would be nice, aye!]
  4. Most of the time we have freewrites but just for the ponies to get acquainted we have some assignments. Assignment no1: Cooperation is Magic Something strange has happened to most of the ponies of equestria. They are acting unusually mean and coldhearted. Everything is being affected. By everything I mean EVERYTHING. The native animals are becoming more aggressive, the native flora is misshapen and rotting and everything seems to be falling out of place. You are one of the ponies who is not yet affected by whatever is happening to these ponies. Some believe that it is a remnant of discord's magic but it has been proven that it would be impossible for discord to do so. It has been proven by unicorns who study foreign magics that this would be impossible because his magic doesn't work like that. The ponies of ponyville have been struck by the mysterious mood changer and it doesn't look pretty. Princess Celestia would intervene but she is busy with canterlot as of now. It would seem that if this isn't checked out by somepony that it might have a rather disastrous effect on the world of equestria. Those who have looked into it seemed to be the ones that got affected sooner. It is up to you to decide if you want to help and try to find what is causing this and stop it or do nothing and hope that nothing happens to you. Or you can totally bathe yourself in the new soon to be chaotic world of equestria and revel is the disharmony and
  5. Well im not back and im sorry for kinda letting ponystory bomb like that so heres something else new. Its just a free write, in this way you get to go on your own adventures and you are unbarred from the storyline. This is just something to keep the rp active until I get my stuff straight. Have fun and remember, Sea shanties are so totally not allowed.
  6. My Pony's name is Brilliant Celebration. To be perfectly honest, I used the name generator posted here on this forum. It gave me that name after I entered Librarian in the "Generic Pony" option. It was pretty, and didn't involve a color, so I was happy. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do for her backstory right now. And I don't want to accidentally close the tab this is in. So, here's the thread that I'm going to place her story in when I'm done.