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  1. Hey All, I've been learning some Ruby, and I'm toying with programming a MLP game using the Gosu framework. The game I have in mind is a simple catching stuff game. The idea is Applejack is in the background, apple bucking a tree. Twilight is in the foreground with a basket on her back. You control Twilight and try to catch the falling apples. Also thinking every so often, Twlight can use her magic to sweep all the apples on the board into the basket. And you see how many you can catch until you miss one. Should be a moderately challenging first major project. Not sure if this will actually be easy, or if I'm jumping in way over my head. So, any suggestions? Variations on gameplay? Tweaks? Easter eggs? I'm open to ideas on how to improve the game concept, and ideas for fun things to add. I'm fishing for ideas early so I can plan for those ideas in the code now, and not have so large a rewrite later.