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  1. So I finally came back after moving house, and the first thing I do is login to TF2 and see if I can finally play the gamemode. But when I logged in and checked the custom servers which I have put on my faves, I couldn't find it, like at all, no matter how specific I made the search. So I checked here and apparently the servers itself, all of them are gone, vanished without a trace or way to bring it back. So can I have confirmation that it is definitely, completely gone? On the bright side, this site is still here.
  2. Several players that mainly play on the Texas Server has been wanting to know if these issues have been discussed about and resolved within the Admins to suppress any future problems on the VSP servers. The problem with ping maskers especially those that mask their ping when they actually have 200+ ping while in the Texas servers, Hopefully this problem has been discussed about resolved as being kickable and or a bannable offense? The R rage problem with Pinkie Pie and Braeburn since it can be used in the air during it making the Hale able to freely strafe through the air and get goombas' when the hale itself is supposed to do the taunt as well in which to my eyes is an exploit, Hopefully this has been resolved as a kickable and or a bannable offense especially since exploits is clearly mentioned on the motd. Hopefully these problems has been discussed about within the Admins and resolved with the recommended judgement to them so the people in this forum community that Constantly play on the VSP servers would like the clarified responses on these problems.
  3. Hi there. Do you want to receive some song requests? It's because I mostly see players not being satisfied about some themes (remixes) in the europe server. What I noticed was that polnish RBD theme but we have different tastes. If yes, please tell me what's the best way to do that like what's required. Is it enough to write a private message to an admin or shall I create a poll? I'd prefer sending private messages since I don't wanna share those themes in the forum. Please let me know how this can be managed. The reason I created the discussion is because you can let me know if you're satisfied with (almost) all themes in the europe server. I know I can change themes myself but it could be easier for everyone. I've seen VSP a way more active years ago but I might be weong. Greetings.
  4. Hi, I'm developing a server that works like that of ponyville. this to have a server in mexico, nothing more. Important: I do this just to help, do not seek payment nor do nincun competition / why I ask them if they want to help them with a server in mexico (CHIHUAHUA, MEX) -close the "el paso texas" - information: My internet speed is 5MB IP: server name: Rarity Dedication Server (currently this off) MODS, AUDIO, ALL: Ponyville Server game: TF2
  5. Anybody got the list of songs for all the heros? its a very good selection I would like to add to my own. *squee*
  6. I see 24/24 players very often so I suggest for more player slots like up to 28 or 32 slots. Please tell me if I've to prove that if you don't see the same.
  7. Please read the FULL post to understand this situation. I do NOT want multiple people giving me the same initial advice that I have already tried. Alright, so over the last two or three days, I happened to notice that I was not getting the boss music to properly play when VS Discord. This was the start of the problem, and it has basically made my VSP data go fully nuts. Original error: " Failed to load sound 'vs_ponyville/discord/disc_theme.mp3' . file probably missing from disk/repository " I shrugged it off "It's just one bad file, probably from the changes I made to his music for myself." Wrong It started with Discord, but now the problem is all potential sounds. A brief list includes: Rarity's Rage, Derpy's Rage, Pinkie superjumping, Background music for: Pinkie Discord, MDW, Pinkamena, Luna, Dovashy. For the !soundlist, I can no longer hear: scootaloo, GG,, better run, to the moon. Possibly more, have not checked them all ad do not want to. ** All of them produce the same error "Failed to load _____ . File is probably missing from disk/repository." Solutions I have already tried: - Deleting ALL files and redownloading them (from the server). - Deleting ALL files and redownloading them from Raini's file storage that is kept separate from the server. - Attempted substituting in other sound files to see if they would trigger. They do not. - Removing my sounds folder, Validating my tf2, and then redownloading the files. - Deletion of the sound.cache files. At this point, I would like to ask if any other players are having such a problem. The only changes to the files I have made are music changes for Discord and NMM. All other bosses have their original files. Advice is greatly appreciated if anyone has an idea I have not already tried.
  8. Alright, about a week ago, I posted to see if there would be interest in a StarBound server. I'm happy to announce (for myself, the community, and fellow StarBound fans) I've bought a 16-slot server for 3 months, hosted out of NY, NY, USA. The IP is at the following: (The port is needed on the end or it will connect you to an entirely different server). I will be spending time there through the following months, and I hope other players will enjoy it as much as I do. Have fun guys! I want to see how this server does before committing anything more to it. If it remains popular enough, I will extend the subscription. BASIC RULES: * Be courteous to your fellow adventurers (Derogatory language and inappropriate communication [Character name or otherwise] WILL NOT be tolerated.) --- Inappropriate consists of: Excessive cursing, sexual terms, etc. * Bombs and "Launcher" weapons of any kind are NOT allowed near planet spawn-points, and player-built structures. (Anti-Griefing) THIS LIST WILL BE UPDATED AS MORE RULES ARE ADDRESSED. With that out of the way, Get going and enjoy your adventure! Invite your friends if they want to join in! The more the merrier!
  9. So I finally watched ALL of Ponies the Anthology III, amazing. But I noticed this. (for some reason it starts at the previous clip)(which is still funny, it's from an Anime.) ZOMG, IT'S TEH SERVERZ. How I know, well it looks like it.. Until I saw this. Be sure to pause it and you'll see it says I didn't notice this the first time around. Took me 3 times watching it all to notice it. (If this was already posted sorry, I searched and found nothing relating) Why not through in Ratchness? He wants the server. Just thought I'd put this here.
  10. Sometime within the last week or so, the dedicated multiplayer servers have become available for StarBound. As much as I enjoy the game with my own friends, I don't see myself justifying buying a server that may only be used 50% of the time it is launched. My point in short: - I'm looking into buying a 12-20 slot server (depending on the response to the poll) - The server will begin Vanilla (No mods). This might be changed, still considering. - It will be password protected to help keep random players / potential griefers from getting into the server. I understand the servers are generally left unlocked, but anyone who can find this thread, will be able to locate the password. This is to see if there is any public interest beyond hosting it for my own friends. If you do vote "No", I would be interested in knowing why. Please do not vote "No" because you do not have the game though. EDIT: I like the part where someone decided to vote no without explaining it anyway. Shit happens.
  11. I was on the server as of late and noticed, it is empty. I was curious as to what times or events in, which the server would have other people playing on it, since I can't play TTT by myself... Last time, I was on this server there were 20 plus people playing and I had an excellent time! So I'm trying to figure out when is the best time to join the TTT server, when there are people playing. I was excited to see the server go back up, but I am not sure when is the best time to join the server, when it will have people playing it. I know there are people on the RP server, but the TTT server always seems to be empty when I join. Am I doing something wrong? Also If it helps I'm in the Eastern time zone, (I live in NJ, USA)
  12. I may be the only one having this problem but when I try to go onto the server, it can't be found. I tried searching in gmod and clicking the server link on the main page but nothing is working. Is anyone else having these problems?
  13. I am an active player in the Texas Vs. Ponyville server. I mean, I was an active player in the Texas Vs. Ponyville server. I was banned yesterday. I checked, and found out that I was banned for having an inappropriate spray. A friend recommended I look at the forums to get any help, and I found this: Here it says that any "suggestive" sprays should be dealt with a verbal warning before a ban. After reading this, I found that I should have not been banned, but rather warned before. As said I was banned by CONSOLE, I talked to some server admins, and they said that the servers have been rather strict on that kind of material, given the fact that they want to avoid any legal actions. I find that the ban I received was pretty unfair, given the fact that I received no warning, and was banned rather immediately. What is worse was that the server had at least 3 more of these, and people were having fun, not really complaining, when suddenly *POOF*, banned. Is there any way any admins could help me with this?, I will stop the sprays, as long as I am able to play on my favorite server again.
  14. I would like to be admin for the GMod server "Ponyville: TTT is magic" because there are too many RDMers on the server now and I think I would be the best for the job. If you let me be admin not only will I be admining your server I will be admining about 3 other servers too. If your server is not allowing porn sprays I take care of that too, so just let me know if that is the case on the server for sprays. Please consider me for admin and thank you for your time.
  15. please read this message first. this is for soldiers/members of the NLR interested in playing on the pvp side of the server. this will be for discussions and planning. dont post anything that we want to keep secret in game message me or drummerdj and we will discuss it there. if its a video or link i will give you my Skype to show me. Tasks that i already know will need to get done. 1.)Designing an HQ. (discuss in game) 2.) Designating roles in NLR. (most people have jobs but if you would like to change please post here.) 3.)Designing traps/ battle strategies (talk in game about this.) 4.)Design a plan/task list for when the pvp world first begins (what supplies to collect and who should be building while this goes on). 5.)me and dj need to decide who leads each role in are faction, since i forgot all the leaders so for now all jobs are open. faction groups -builder -soldier -thief/ninja/assasin/idk this group kept changing there name. there are sub categories with in the groups but not there own group. plz. if you wish to apply as a group leader post here. to apply to be in the NLR please post here and wait for confirmation from dj or me. ignore anything that was posted on that earlier.
  16. A Minecraft server for the people of Ponyville! IP: MAKE SURE YOU READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES
  17. The server just crashed, anyone know why? Also, when it crash, i loged on and it sayed i was new to the server, nothing in my inventory. Im worried i will lose a god sword and bow.
  18. Out of curiosity, is anyone else getting an Error 502 when they try to connect to the server?