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  2. A couple of friends and I had a great 3 hour debate/discussion on this pic. Now, you see, this is a little bit of controversial area in the Brony community, and has been used to give the community a bad name, (Howard Stern anyone?). Anyways, my point of view is that this is art, where my friend believes that this is exploitation, and is needless. I find this perfectly acceptable, however, he see's it as a type of subject matter that should NEVER be explored, even considering how tame this is compared to other pieces of work I'm sure we've all seen. Claiming that this piece sullies or corrupts one's view of the show itself, thereby destroying the shows innocent nature. That on top of the fact that he considers it within the realm of Beastiality, which I don't believe to be the case. I want to hear your guys' opinions on this, do you guys consider this piece to be in poor taste, and is the kind of subject matter that should never be explored in this community? Or do you think that this work is perfectly fine, and shouldn't warrant such negativity. Please, *encouraging push* discuss discuss....