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  1. This is where I upload the short MegaTen/MLP pieces I write. Wrote them to get into the mood. They may or may not be relevant to Shin Equus Tensei, if you have read it. If you don't know what Shin Megami Tensei is, go here. 1. Three Deities Have a Conversation. (Spoilers for Persona 3) Three deities sat around a round table. The first was a masked man wearing a longcoat. The second was a mechanical man with a harp on his back. The third was far more demonic looking in appearance, and wore a nasty metal helmet with a string of coffins around his back. “I cannot believe,” Thanatos began, setting his cup of sake carefully down on the table, “That we have received ponies, of all creatures, as our new masters.” “I would think you would be the most satisfied out of all three of us here.” Izanagi said, “Your mistress is of the Death Arcana, after all.” Thanatos glowered at him. “Why would I be satisfied? My mistress has cancer and will die in a few years.” “You are the personification of death, are you not?” “That maybe so, but once she dies I will be sent again into the demon world, waiting for another suitable master.” Thanatos growled. “You were sent to, what’s her name, Princess Celestia’s soul immediately after you left that Seta child. You have no idea how boring it is, sitting around in that dark world, doing absolutely nothing. I rather be with Arisato, silent as he was. At least his soul had a few others to talk to.” Orpheus, in his ultimate Telos form, stared. “You’d rather be in the same soul as Nyx?” he said. “Nyx is my mother.” “She tried to end the human world.” “They were asking for it.” “And just how were they asking for a complete and utter destruction of their race?” “They destroyed the 12 Arcana shadows, triggering the Fall. They brought my mother's judgement upon themselves. And no, I do not particularly care that they did not know it would happen as a result of their actions, even if Arisato was part of the team that destroyed them.” Thanatos said, taking another gulp, “Do not discuss the matter with me anymore.” Orpheus shrugged. He wasn’t going to win this one. “You’d rather live in the same soul with Alice, Black Frost, Messiah and the other Personas?” “May I remind you, Alice never talked to me, or to the other Personas. Black Frost was amusing to watch, as long as he wasn’t interacting with me. And whenever Messiah started preaching about how they would win against my mother and save the world, I, as humans put it, turned up the music in my head and ignored him.” “I seem to remember Nyx attacking you as soon as you entered Arisato’s soul.” Orpheus said flatly. Thanatos glared at him. “I will not deny that my mother and I had issues, but we reconciled.” “If the two of you having weekly fights, with you coming out as the loser every time, counts as reconciling.” Thanatos was about to lunge forward and stab Orpheus in the heart with his lance, but suddenly he felt a tug at the back of his mind. “It seems this is your lucky day, Orpheus.” He snarled. “Mistress Octavia is calling.” “What a coincidence.” Orpheus said, “Mistress Twilight is calling me as well. And it just so happens that your master and mine are on the same team. I guess we will be seeing each other sooner than expected.” “Have fun, you two.” Izanagi said wearily. “Try not to kill each other too much.” He watched as the two disappeared in swirls of blue aura.