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  1. If you are active in playing League, I'm sure you've heard of the skin teaser coming out for Omega Squad/Special Forces Teemo his first Legendary skin. Before the wars: Usually Teemo is portrayed as a cute and cuddly Yordle with a knack for using poison to defeat his enemies. However something's snapped inside of him after years of war. After/During the wars: Now if you want to see more, click Here for the teaser. Here are all the voice-over lines that pop up by clicking things on the teaser: "I used to live by a code.""I've done things I'm not proud of.""Turns out, I've got a proficiency in killing.""A part of you never leaves the jungle.""I settle my scores.""You'd be surprised how quick fur ignites.""Peace is a fairy tale.""This one's for my helmet brother!""We ain't all makin it out of here.""Some masks you never take off.""Size is a liability.""One day there'll be a reckoning."
  2. Hey guys! I wanted to change the old post name for my custom skins to just “Custom Skins” instead of “Halloween Custom Skins” but the only thing I can do is hide it. So, I hid the post and made a new one! This is where I will be posting my custom skins for EVERYONE to download! How to install: It's one single basic step! Unpack the zip inside your steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf folder I also am posting my halloween custom skins in this post here so yeah here we go! Rainbow Factory Dash: Preview: Download: Future Twilight/ Solid Sparkle: Preview: Download: Danger Suit Fluttershy: Preview: Download: Lil' Miss Rarity: Preview: Download: Timberjack: Preview: Download: Alushy: Preview: Download: All right then have a good day everybody and if you want to suggest a custom skin type it below! PS: FNaP (Five Nights At Pinkies) Has been postpone'd for reasons I will not say
  3. So, I didn't see another topic dedicated to this. There was one pertaining to our favorite mods and a couple that were pretty specific. So please, post your stuff so that we may have ponies to brighten up our day. Or if you have any requests, ask away. I made a few skins a while ago and finally got around to fine tuning them. The site that hosts a majority of the MLP mods is not currently accepting new submissions and I'm not sure when they will. So here are some links to MediaFire to get them. If you need help in trying to install them, or if you find some kind of bug please let me know. Spoilers just because. Magichete Shynai The Great and Powerful Shotgun 20% Colder (Ponargonian's suggestion) This is the spy-cicle. Also, if you don't like the names, well too bad. Edit: If this should be in Rarity's Inspiration Station please move it. I put the images in this post now thanks to a suggestion from woodle.
  4. (Skin for Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars) 47th (Lancashire) Regiment of Foot -The Wolfe's Own 2nd Battalion In 1808 the 47th Regiment deployed to Gibraltar and in 1811 commenced its participation in the Peninsular War, a war which saw the UK, Portugal and Spain fighting the French. The regiment's flank companies took part in the Battle of Barossa and in December took part in the Battle of Tarifa, where they helped repulse a French assault. By 1812, the British were forced to withdraw back into Portugal. Though the following year, British forces moved back into Spain, with the objective to remove the French from the peninsula. The 2nd Battalion then took part in the Battle of Vittoria and the Siege of St. Sebastian, where they took heavy casualties while attempting to breach the walls. Later on, 2nd Battalion crossed the Bidasoa River, finally marching into France itself. The battalion took part in the Battle of Nive and by 1814, was tasked to support the Siege of Bayonne, concluding with their participation in the Peninsular War. After the war, the 2nd battalion was sent to England, and finally disbanded in Portsmouth the same year. ___________________________________________________ After a week of trial and error, plus a patch that basically broke Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars, I finally managed to get the 47th Regiment's skins done. The whole pack includes the King's and Regimental Colours, remade Ranker, Ensign, Officer and Drums, new shako and a small tweak in the code. All bugs were fixed, including the naked man problem... Ranker: Officer/Ensign: Drums: The Colours: If you own Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars, go ahead and download them! DOWNLOAD LINK