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Found 3 results

  1. Alright, about a week ago, I posted to see if there would be interest in a StarBound server. I'm happy to announce (for myself, the community, and fellow StarBound fans) I've bought a 16-slot server for 3 months, hosted out of NY, NY, USA. The IP is at the following: (The port is needed on the end or it will connect you to an entirely different server). I will be spending time there through the following months, and I hope other players will enjoy it as much as I do. Have fun guys! I want to see how this server does before committing anything more to it. If it remains popular enough, I will extend the subscription. BASIC RULES: * Be courteous to your fellow adventurers (Derogatory language and inappropriate communication [Character name or otherwise] WILL NOT be tolerated.) --- Inappropriate consists of: Excessive cursing, sexual terms, etc. * Bombs and "Launcher" weapons of any kind are NOT allowed near planet spawn-points, and player-built structures. (Anti-Griefing) THIS LIST WILL BE UPDATED AS MORE RULES ARE ADDRESSED. With that out of the way, Get going and enjoy your adventure! Invite your friends if they want to join in! The more the merrier!
  2. Sometime within the last week or so, the dedicated multiplayer servers have become available for StarBound. As much as I enjoy the game with my own friends, I don't see myself justifying buying a server that may only be used 50% of the time it is launched. My point in short: - I'm looking into buying a 12-20 slot server (depending on the response to the poll) - The server will begin Vanilla (No mods). This might be changed, still considering. - It will be password protected to help keep random players / potential griefers from getting into the server. I understand the servers are generally left unlocked, but anyone who can find this thread, will be able to locate the password. This is to see if there is any public interest beyond hosting it for my own friends. If you do vote "No", I would be interested in knowing why. Please do not vote "No" because you do not have the game though. EDIT: I like the part where someone decided to vote no without explaining it anyway. Shit happens.
  3. this may not be out yet but i encourage you to give it a look (sorry for short post couldn't think of much to say mostly i am just raising public awareness for the game)