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Found 2 results

  1. So recently the small territory sent a letter to the U.S. government asking for admittance as our 51st state. What is your take on this? How will this effect us? Is it worth it? Your thoughts and opinions here. Lets talk guys.
  2. Found this link from r/mylittlepony, apparently the results have changed from last year. As I mentioned earlier in a thread questioning the favorite pony of this forum, Rainbow Dash was at the top, last year before Season 2. It seems due to the recent defamation nastiness of her character, her ratings dropped a bit. Fluttershy is still second place and Twilight rose from being 5th to 1st surprisingly. Perhaps, it is due to Season 2 not showing her in every episode. Also, Applejack has dropped even lower. Maybe because of the fact that she is still unfortunately "bland." She is even lower than "Other" (wtf) and Luna, who basically appeared in 1 freakin' episode (she is still awesome though, but she is not even part of the Mane6...) Anyways, that is my take on this. What do yall think? Discuss.