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  1. Another poll, with unis for now. Also, no, I don't support Twilicorn.
  2. Well, now... This was a surprise. So FiM is supposed to be a kids show? Listen to the CMC, Sweetie Belle to be precicse, right about 14 Sec, just prior to her hopping next to Fluttershy... I had to listen to it a half-dozen times, because I couldn't believe it. She Says; Think it's just that vid? I did too, so I looked up another video... Roughly the same timestamp, 11 Secs... Also, just a few seconds prior, Scootaloo is wingless, but who cares about that, when we have glorious swearing...? Thoughts? Edit: Links were not working...
  3. Please post your Builders Application In This Topic! After Posting Let an Admin or Moderator Know Ingame and they will promote you to Builder. Applications MUST be Posted in this format.. And No other way EXAMPLE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IGN: Cyrate Pony-Class: Unicorn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copy paste that into the post box and fill it in with your own Information! Pony Class Information Welcome To The Server I hope you have a great experience! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ponyville Minecraft Players: The Real Ponyville Project will now be recruiting workers to build the parts of the city Work will be judged and it must meet certain material and quality restrictions build items will be provided. Work That does not meet the standards will be "destroyed" If you would like to be added to the project please post your Ingame Name, And the definition of a project you have done on the server! I am the project leader all things I say are final. The City should go up pretty quick. Main Projects: Finish Clocktower Windmill Rarity's botique School House Town Hall Sweet Apple Acres Minor Projects: Houses Fountains Plaza Lighting Admin Only Projects: Trees Please write into your application any interest in working on a specific project Have Fun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Builders AppleJack (Openplease1)