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  1.'s New Mumble server! Tired of the stress of not being able to communicate well, I welcome you to the Mumble server. Owner by: Ioncann0ns and Sweetie. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Mumble server info. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IP: Port: 64738 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is no password Rules:~ "AMEND" 1.) All admin decisions are final 2.) Mercy is not an aspect of the owners intentions. 3.) Elitist channels will stay elitist and will not be unlocked to public. 4.) No anger or general asshattery on any part of the mumble server. 5.) Do not argue with administrators or face the wrath of Thor. !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!
  2. rosewater x:234.5 y:67.620000 z:-1489.5 art-x:5992.5 y:64.62000000476837 z:-5984.5 Clouds dale-x:39.5 y:125.62000000476837 z:-2071.5 coltimore-x:619.5 y:68.62000000476837 z:64.5 EAFbase-X:739.5 y:69.62000000476837 z:-1322.5 ejakcathedral-x:-506.5 y:20.62000000476837 z:-1374.5 enchantingplaza-x:494.5 88.62000000476837 z:686.5 (The End) FUNTcity-x:765.5 y:68.62000000476837 z:-1062.5 gallopfry- x:-393.5 y:65.12000000476837 z:-268.5 hoofington- x:897.5 y:80.62000000476837 z:.471.5 kneezlehome-x:-10.4 y:64.62000000476837 z:-779.5 kneezlenether--x:301.5 y:34.62000000476837 z:-102.5 <neather> miniponyville- x:3106.5 y:65.62000000476837 z:-247.5 mushroomisland-x:17915.5 y:64.62000000476837 z:19985.5 pinkie_spy_room-x:-114.5 y:20.62000000476837 z:-4304.5 spawn-x:288.5504390248084 y:83.6200000047637 z:-504.9467487907784 ponyville-x:20006.5 y:64.62000000476837 z:19983.5 riverview-x:1468.5 y:113.12000000476867 z:1144.5 steampony-x:157.5 y:73.62000000476837 z:-1001.5 sugarrestraunt-x:487.5 y:94.62000000476837 z:419.5 <The End?> sugarstepcastle-x:-518.5 y:57.62000000476837 z:-1168.5