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  1. rosewater x:234.5 y:67.620000 z:-1489.5 art-x:5992.5 y:64.62000000476837 z:-5984.5 Clouds dale-x:39.5 y:125.62000000476837 z:-2071.5 coltimore-x:619.5 y:68.62000000476837 z:64.5 EAFbase-X:739.5 y:69.62000000476837 z:-1322.5 ejakcathedral-x:-506.5 y:20.62000000476837 z:-1374.5 enchantingplaza-x:494.5 88.62000000476837 z:686.5 (The End) FUNTcity-x:765.5 y:68.62000000476837 z:-1062.5 gallopfry- x:-393.5 y:65.12000000476837 z:-268.5 hoofington- x:897.5 y:80.62000000476837 z:.471.5 kneezlehome-x:-10.4 y:64.62000000476837 z:-779.5 kneezlenether--x:301.5 y:34.62000000476837 z:-102.5 <neather> miniponyville- x:3106.5 y:65.62000000476837 z:-247.5 mushroomisland-x:17915.5 y:64.62000000476837 z:19985.5 pinkie_spy_room-x:-114.5 y:20.62000000476837 z:-4304.5 spawn-x:288.5504390248084 y:83.6200000047637 z:-504.9467487907784 ponyville-x:20006.5 y:64.62000000476837 z:19983.5 riverview-x:1468.5 y:113.12000000476867 z:1144.5 steampony-x:157.5 y:73.62000000476837 z:-1001.5 sugarrestraunt-x:487.5 y:94.62000000476837 z:419.5 <The End?> sugarstepcastle-x:-518.5 y:57.62000000476837 z:-1168.5