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  1. TheGandalf's Proving Grounds of Development My discord server! Join above! I'm setting up as of now the channels and everything. You can talk to me all about development in there. --- Two Boss Ideas I'm working on
  2. Hello all and welcome. If you own Cave Story+ and want a pony in it other than Pinkie,Fluttershy or Pip squeek or just a fan of Lyra then you may have come to the right place! I took the time to make a tiny little mod that replaces Quote on Original mode only with Lyra. This mod uses the curly Story mod so it will change the normal game into Curly or lyra in this case.Sadly i don't know how to edit the game dialogue so if someone knows how to do that please tell me and i will look into it. To install simply just copy the BASE folder and replace the BASE folder in the cave story+/Data file. Simple as that. If someone wants to fix it or you com across anything big let me know. First time at modding something so yay? And before anyone says so yes i know it is pretty much a bigger version of the original Cave Lyra sprite but enjoy anyways. EDIT: I wanna add one more thing. For those who complain about this being a tiny thing or not that amazing i would like to point out it's better than nothing. I don't see anyone else making a pony mod for this that involves Lyra. Here is a link if you want it PIC
  3. Another Simple game. Ship the above user with someone or something! EXAMPLE: Steel X Lyra or Steel X potatoes
  4. The ride never ends. Go ahead and try to outwit each other with sick rhymes, kiddos.
  5. So lately there's been disagreement regarding teleport bosses and high perches. As far as I know it started on the Funbox where people would say in chat/voice chat telling someone to get down from some perch because the teleport boss "couldn't get up there". (which they can, but anyway) So for awhile I'd been contradicting this on funbox, thinking someone pulled it out of thin air/shoehorned a new rule in. Eventually I brought it up with Videogames while we were both on Funbox and at the time, he said I believe that it was (not 100% sure) Chuckle who initiated the rule and ultimately we agreed that it's fine as just a Funbox rule, but not for the other Texas server. About a month later people started citing that rule on the regular Texas server and once again I told them otherwise as well. Then Kumar started citing it so now it's officially something that needs to be discussed. I'll just bullet point my concerns with a high perch rule...there are many: The biggest problem is it's vague. The buildings and trees on mc_village may as well be considered high perches as they're very difficult for a boss to get to, but they're only 200HU high. OTOH they're a fundamental part of that map. Then you have other maps with 500HU high perches which are just as bad. Where to draw the line is pretty blurred.The second biggest problem is VSH maps have tons of perches by design -- they're not like valve maps. It's intentionally one way the players have to stay alive. You can't just go "Ok, Discord's hale. Everyone off the buildings and trees."The majority of hales have a secondary means of dealing with perched players and it's not just Discord, yet teleport boss players are trying to cite this rule anyway to force players down from a situation that is not impossible. Not even close.I've always felt that VSP has a superior teleport mechanic -- it prevents uber traps and (most) cheap telefrags. But it has made it harder to deal with perched players...harder, but not impossible. On the other hand, someone using perches to stall Discord and even Twilight is a problem...but it's a different problem. It's the same as a 0 damage scout who constantly tunnel snakes the boss or a gunboats trolldier who just jumps from healthpack to healthpack. These are incidents of stalling and perch stalling should be treated as stalling in my opinion, and not some vague that perch is fine but the other one just like it isn't rule. Most teleport bosses have a 15 second teleport to get around this. Twilight doesn't but she does have a stun but more important, an uber...and chain lightning. Stalling is virtually never a problem with her. The problem here is with Discord. He's still the only boss with no anti-stalling mechanic and an ungodly long 40 second teleport timer. So many problems could be solved by him getting a 15 second teleport like almost everyone else. In the end I think these things could improve the situation: Give Discord 15 second teleportMaybe give Discord 4 seconds of uber during the rage (thankfully a stun rage would make no sense anyway)Classify the rule as an anti-stalling thing. If someone's perched and just knocking the hale down when they teleport in and then ignoring them, that's stalling.That's my peace, I'm sure Kumar will have his own opinions to bring up.
  6. Well due to constant nagging of a certain forumgoer, I've finally made the topic for the team. Full Roster is: Scout-Finn/Coffee Time(Flutterscoot) Solider-Mathyou/Sparks Pyro-LOL/Xenmas Demo-Kman224 Heavy-Mr.Kenyon Engineer-Meee~/Zelc Medic-Fluffy Sniper-Ng/Coffee Time(Flutterscoot) Spy-Woodle/Ozy If you don't see your name here it's because you're ugly and nobody likes you. Remind me on steam or via PM who you are and I will add you on the roster. Like all the other dead topics, I will post information on our matches n such here. We are always looking for subs and if you are a sub but want the main role, you can always MGE the person to get it from them. But a team leader has to be present for this. Besides that, I will be making the steam group soon and sending out invites! Have fun and remember, nobody wants to be a Squidward!
  7. This is a fanfic of mine that I'm working on, it's not quite done but hopefully it will be soon. Link here:
  8. If you've seen popular British panel show Mock the Week, you'll already know how to play this. But for those who haven't, I'll explain. I reveal a scene we'd like to see (e.g. Unlikely things for Fluttershy to say, or "Things you wouldn't hear at the Best Young Flier competition"), and everyone contributes their suggestions. Every so often I'll change the topic. Try to make them as funny as possible. If you still don't get it, watch this video. The first subject is "Things you wouldn't hear Twilight Sparkle say."
  9. Batman has a secret underground lair Spiderman lives in his mom's apartment Batman has all sorts of expert gadgetry to subdue villains Spiderman was just dicking around with spiders Batman has the Batmobile (not to mention all his other vehicles) Spiderman swings around on webs Batman - black/grey badass looking Batsuit Spiderman - can't even control his own costume TL;DR: Batman is a super-successful millionaire; Spiderman can't even get to work on time. PS: don't turn this into a spiderman image thread PSS: batman is better than spiderman PSSS: i will not tolerate differing opinions
  10. Thought I might start a forum for grief reports and such that way if somepony (mods/admins) are on the forums and not the server they can see any reports. In other news there was a major grief at von's farm. I'm not sure if it was reported yet or looked into but, I thought I might bring it to the attention of mods seeing as how most of the farms in von's farm have been completely destroyed. I'm working on fixing them and they should be up and running again soon. Anyway please report any griefs that have yet to be handled on this forum.
  11. Preview of next episode: http://link.brightco..._elvChHdiuw8n1b
  12. Inspiration here Guys, I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY. I will understand if you want to kill me with fire. EDIT: Time taken: Five minutes, which may or may not explain the crappy writing. If you want moar, please tell me.
  13. So, this is the prlogue for one of the Fic's i said i was going to write. After many failed attempts at trying to upload it elsewhere, i finally caved and just copy/pasted it here. Please tell me if it's any good or not. **DISCLAIMER** This is very amateurish and probably poorly formatted The Prince Prologue It was a dark night when it all evolved. The sky was clear of cloud and Princess Luna had truly outdone herself in making the moon as beautiful as possible, or so it seemed. All across Canterlot it was absolutely lifeless, not a single light was on, and not a single sound was being made, it seemed that even the owls were passed out in their nest’s. The only thing that could be felt physically was the ice-cold stroke of a midnight gust against one’s coat and mane. It was as if everypony in Canterlot had simply vanished. Meanwhile, deep inside the royal castle, the deity of the sun was squirming in her sleep. Princess Celestia was seemingly having an intense nightmare, and it showed. She was kicking the end of the quilt up with her hind hoofs, and latching on the top of it with her front one’s. She made terrible, blood curling grunts and moans that almost sounded like she was being assaulted, until finally letting out a painful, fear inducing scream that echoed throughout the castle’s many chamber’s. At that point, the demi-goddess awoke, Panting, and with sweat dripping down the sides of her head. At first, she just sat there trying to catch her somehow lost breath whilst the sweat ran down her face and neck, eventually reaching her torso. Then, she limply fell back down onto her bed and let out an exhausted sigh of relief. After she managed to calm herself down, she got out of bed, wiped her face of with a spare towel she had laying around, put on her golden neck brace and horseshoes, and wandered out to her balcony. It is so quite that even her silent hoofsteps and soft breathing echoed loudly throughout the castle’s many halls and chambers, this is highly confusing for Celestia, it’s never this quite in the castle, there are always chef’s preparing next day’s breakfast or guards having unintelligent little conversations with one another, she knows that something must be up. When the princess finally reaches one of her many balconies, she just simply pauses in place, and lifts her head up to gaze at the night sky. It’s almost unnaturally cold outside, but Celestia doesn’t even shiver in its acknowledgement, she has way too much on her mind to think about what she can physically feel. She goes to let out I sigh of fear, but is then interrupted when she hears an unexpected voice beside her. “I didn’t do this…” the voice say’s. Upon hearing it, Celestia yelps in astonishment, and rapidly flaps her wings out. She turns her head to where she heard the voice, only to realize it was a little, harmless alicorn, it was her sister Princess Luna. Celestia gather’s her nerves back, and proceeds’ to talk to her younger sibling: “What do you mean Luna? You’re the only one who can manipulate the moon to this extent.” “But that’s just the problem, the only one who can possibly do this IS ME, and I didn’t do this so who could’ve?” Luna replies with a nervous tone. At this point both princesses are uneasy, and shaking in shock. Celestia proceeds to slowly shut her eyelids, and lets out yet another sigh, her breath misty against the blizzard cold air… “I know who could’ve done this… and I’m sure that you do too…” Luna slowly turns her head to face her older sister, her eyelids wide open and her pupil’s dilated in horror; “It can’t be… we… you… you defeated him all those…” “I’m fully aware of the impossibility of this situation!” Celestia interrupts; “But he just came to me in a dream, possibly a premonition, it’s why I’m up right now, it’s why I’m so uneasy… Dynamo, is returning…” Luna is now both as confused and as scared as her sister, they both thought that an event such as this would be impossible. Luna takes it upon herself to break the awkwardness of the moment and asks; “well, what did Dynamo say to you, if anything” Celestia looks back at her younger sister and replies with an answer; “All he said was that… ‘He’s coming home to take what should be his’, then all he did was some hysterical laughter” “What should be his? As in the kingdom?” Luna asks. “Most likely, after our parents unfortunate passing Equestria was rightfully his. He became corrupt half way through his rule, that’s when I had to cease him, drain his power’s, royal status, and banish him to Everfree”. Both sisters are beginning to weaken with fear now, they begin to shiver in the cold wind they have managed to ignore, and let out a big yawn each. Luna then asks another question, one of many that is boggling her mind; “Cant you just stop him again, you did it once before?” Celestia answer’s, but in a slightly annoyed tone; “I’m afraid it’s not that simple, the elements barely stopped him before, I don’t even control them anymore, that power was passed on to my students, and they are very inexperienced in this, especially somepony as strong as Dynamo. If his full power really has been restored… then I don’t think we can beat him this time”. Luna turns her head back to face the unnaturally charming moon, shrouded in silence and nerve. As another ice cold gust of wind sweep’s the two mare’s they begin to start shivering again, they don’t care of course, there is way too much on either of their minds to focus on any physical discomfort; Dynamo survived? How did he restore his power? How is he doing this? But they are still both naive, and there is false hope still shrouding them, making them ask; is this really Dynamo at all? Celestia finally lets out a big yawn she was trying so hard to supress, her breath again even mistier against the frozen air around her. “It’s getting late for you, don’t you think Tia?” Luna suggests. It’s not like an alicorn of the sun to stay up this late, although Luna, being alicorn of the night, has no business staying awake in the day. “Yes, if all this really is happening then I’ll need to rest while I still can” Celestia say’s, gently and calmly “Goodnight Luna” Celestia say’s again as she goes to kiss her younger sibling on the check “Night Tia” Luna replies as she nuzzles Celestia’s mane. Celestia starts to slowly pace her way back to her bedroom, still with the thought of Dynamo on her mind. As she pushes the sky-high doors open with the shining pink aura of her magic, she contemplates the events that could possibly happen in the near future; what damage will be done, what offense will be needed, how many will be lost. These thoughts haunt Celestia greatly, but the thoughts that haunt her most are the thoughts about Dynamo himself; how strong is his hatred, how strong is his motive, how strong is he? And now, even as Celestia lays her head on her silk pillow’s, she herself feel’s that she is to blame, after all, she is the direct cause of this rivalry between her ‘lost’ brother, The Prince of Equestria.
  14. Found this link from r/mylittlepony, apparently the results have changed from last year. As I mentioned earlier in a thread questioning the favorite pony of this forum, Rainbow Dash was at the top, last year before Season 2. It seems due to the recent defamation nastiness of her character, her ratings dropped a bit. Fluttershy is still second place and Twilight rose from being 5th to 1st surprisingly. Perhaps, it is due to Season 2 not showing her in every episode. Also, Applejack has dropped even lower. Maybe because of the fact that she is still unfortunately "bland." She is even lower than "Other" (wtf) and Luna, who basically appeared in 1 freakin' episode (she is still awesome though, but she is not even part of the Mane6...) Anyways, that is my take on this. What do yall think? Discuss.
  15. The Great and Powerful Aloe was in the Ponyville Santorum and found out some odd facts about the 2nd fastest Gen I pokemon and its pre evo. The files are listed as such. Diglet, the mole pokemon... Or so it would have you believe. This certian "pokemon" if you can even call it that has a seceret that it refuses to reveal to the world. It looks 1'04 feet tall but in reality it is really inaccurate. It turns out that diglet is really a buff man who is embarassed by his disfigure so he hides his body and took up the the title of the mole pokemon. It is a front to make everypony believe what they were told by the pokedex. This will keep them believeing the fallicies of judgement givien by the pokemon association. You remeber its voice when it moves around "Diglet dig diglet dig" That is the sound of its tone muscles contracting and expanding while it swims underground. No you didn't read it wrong yes The Great and Powerful Aloe did say swim not dig. It is just that strong it swims through solid ground like it was some feeble liquid that you drink to quench thrist and take a dip in to relax and clense the body and mind. This explains why it learns moves such as Sucker Punch,Slash,Hone Claws,Shadow Claw and Rock Smash. This proves that not only does it have hands, it is strong enough to move them in and out of the dround at a speed faster than the pony eye can percive. Then we have its evolution, Dugtrio. His story isn't for the feint of heart so you may not read it if you don't want to. The Great and Powerful Aloe shall look into more facts that are less Shippy on Dugtrio. The Great and Powerful Aloe will make sure to keep you updated when it comes to scientific finds in the realms. Till then, Be strong, be brave and make sure to love and tolerate.