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  1. I've been monitoring these forums ever since I left the servers, I didn't really leave the forums just to watch over what VSP will form into. And it seems that people don't understand why there are so little people on the forums. After I gave up my developer Status to get the Admins of the community to pay attention to the servers besides the occasional fix of a server and updating everytime there is a update (which can take up to 24+hours) they fixed the weapons that were promised ect. (Yet invisi watch and other items are still broken) Now, when there are people who has waited 11 days to get donator yet didn't, that's pretty sad considering the fact that it should be instant. Now, this may seem like a rant thread, and I am possibly going to be banned for it or this post will be taken down, so I will save a .txt file of it just in case it does get taken down. So, number 1: I see Raini is back to streaming, Due to my reminders from my email that she is indeed streaming, once again i'll note this, Due to the streaming they're slipping away from the community 2) People are slipping away themselves TF2 as a whole i'm going to talk about now, People just don't find the game fun anymore, I play it on the rare occasion but it just is starting to get lamer and lamer due to no original content coming in. 3) Vsp is losing more and more players This is where people are going to raise eyebrows for proof and I have it due to the trusty gametracker. Texas: In the month of September the Average was 15 and in August it was 16 Funbox: A bit higher then server 1 Japan: What did I expect. Europe: Much lower then Before Cali: So, yeah dunno 'bout you but these numbers don't lie and i'm going to say that word that's going to piss A LOT of people off. Versus Ponyville is DYING. I know what you guys are going to say in the chat "Oh look, Scootz is coming back to say the community is dying when it isn't" ect ect. But believe me when I say this. Simple and Raini, after the basic problems were "solved" Just went back to what was so important. Leaving the server to once again start rotting. Sorry for coming off dark, but I just want to let the community know that unless something is done. Rest in Spoopy the server. Also, PS: From sources, I heard the FNaP boss was going to be added. I will make this a public announcement to let everyone know that, if ANYONE sees the boss on the server let me know, cause after deleting the post with the files, it's kinda clear I don't want the boss on the server. Due to it being my boss and the hype behind it was destroyed a long time ago.