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  1. I've been thinking that we've been seeing too much the same bosses over again with low variety. When the "Never be boss" was added, most regulars of the community turned of boss points making alot of fights against new players. This makes rounds often too easy with players who don't know much about playing hale, using rage, using the bosses correctly. This gets a bit boring after a while. It makes up for very little fight against donor bosses. It's alot: *Oh, im the melee person this round* *Okay, so it's E button to rage (pressing immediately)* *So I need to crouch to superjump* How about making turning off boss points reset queue points and moving it to /ff2toggle command (the usual FF2 command to turn of bosses). This could make not many people wanting to turn off bosses if they had to wait when turning them on again, and being able to save points makes no worries about disabling it. Also, could we have the Duo bosses back to random on non-donors (or must it be extremely rare to get?) because what's the point of removing something that adds more variety that most other rounds and most of them appear in the show though. I think Button Mash and Doctor Whooves should be non-donor bosses because they appear in the show, and we don't need 50% of the bosses as donor bosses. (Seeing the boss list covered with white names as non-donor).