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  1. Yet another easy fun game! Simply Quote the above user's avatar!
  2. So lately there's been disagreement regarding teleport bosses and high perches. As far as I know it started on the Funbox where people would say in chat/voice chat telling someone to get down from some perch because the teleport boss "couldn't get up there". (which they can, but anyway) So for awhile I'd been contradicting this on funbox, thinking someone pulled it out of thin air/shoehorned a new rule in. Eventually I brought it up with Videogames while we were both on Funbox and at the time, he said I believe that it was (not 100% sure) Chuckle who initiated the rule and ultimately we agreed that it's fine as just a Funbox rule, but not for the other Texas server. About a month later people started citing that rule on the regular Texas server and once again I told them otherwise as well. Then Kumar started citing it so now it's officially something that needs to be discussed. I'll just bullet point my concerns with a high perch rule...there are many: The biggest problem is it's vague. The buildings and trees on mc_village may as well be considered high perches as they're very difficult for a boss to get to, but they're only 200HU high. OTOH they're a fundamental part of that map. Then you have other maps with 500HU high perches which are just as bad. Where to draw the line is pretty blurred.The second biggest problem is VSH maps have tons of perches by design -- they're not like valve maps. It's intentionally one way the players have to stay alive. You can't just go "Ok, Discord's hale. Everyone off the buildings and trees."The majority of hales have a secondary means of dealing with perched players and it's not just Discord, yet teleport boss players are trying to cite this rule anyway to force players down from a situation that is not impossible. Not even close.I've always felt that VSP has a superior teleport mechanic -- it prevents uber traps and (most) cheap telefrags. But it has made it harder to deal with perched players...harder, but not impossible. On the other hand, someone using perches to stall Discord and even Twilight is a problem...but it's a different problem. It's the same as a 0 damage scout who constantly tunnel snakes the boss or a gunboats trolldier who just jumps from healthpack to healthpack. These are incidents of stalling and perch stalling should be treated as stalling in my opinion, and not some vague that perch is fine but the other one just like it isn't rule. Most teleport bosses have a 15 second teleport to get around this. Twilight doesn't but she does have a stun but more important, an uber...and chain lightning. Stalling is virtually never a problem with her. The problem here is with Discord. He's still the only boss with no anti-stalling mechanic and an ungodly long 40 second teleport timer. So many problems could be solved by him getting a 15 second teleport like almost everyone else. In the end I think these things could improve the situation: Give Discord 15 second teleportMaybe give Discord 4 seconds of uber during the rage (thankfully a stun rage would make no sense anyway)Classify the rule as an anti-stalling thing. If someone's perched and just knocking the hale down when they teleport in and then ignoring them, that's stalling.That's my peace, I'm sure Kumar will have his own opinions to bring up.
  4. Just started this post because I saw a "what music are you listening to" forum and thought that if we were to do the same with video games, it may have a more lasting impression because games are played until they are beaten which usually takes a few days at least depending on the game, especially nowadays. The way I'm thinking this should go is for everypony to say the game or games they are playing with the console they are on next to it. So to start this off, here are the games that I am playing, or rather replaying because I have no new games to play nor do I have the money to spend on any new games. Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time (PS3) Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP)
  5. Runescape; The game of ledgends. And wasted weekends. Ever played it? Still play it? Discuss!
  6. Preview of next episode: http://link.brightco..._elvChHdiuw8n1b
  7. Inspiration here Guys, I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY. I will understand if you want to kill me with fire. EDIT: Time taken: Five minutes, which may or may not explain the crappy writing. If you want moar, please tell me.
  8. Well this is just a random question. When your bored what do you do? I usually have many things to do. Like playing games, watching new episodes of shows, checking posts, and just randomly drawing or doing anything I find laying around.
  9. I'm sure this might have been done before but I'd like to personally ask if you were one of the characters from the show who would you be and why would you be him/her. I'd be Rainbow Dash because I like to show off and fight and I'm always loyal to my friends.