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Found 3 results

  1. So... just sitting around doing nothing Thinking for ideas to model for fun... Nope I got nothing good bye But my table goes back to normal right after ok then well I guess I have to do this I am looking for ideas I can model Either for the Halloween costume skins thing or just for fun (it must be pony models not skilled enough to do big projects like making something for the workshop) So yeah any ideas?
  2. I was just thinking and I realized there's no thread I could find for this! If you were a pony in ponyville (apart form the mane 6), what would your cutie mark be, and why so?
  3. I made this blog to see who is the epicest character in MLP. BTW I don't really have favourites but I like Spike, Appledash, Rainbow Dash, Luna and Derpy.