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  1. I think this is an issue that needs to be brought up. I for one am sick of seeing the chat spammed with binds players have constantly. Some being rude some trying to be funny after the 600th time and just binds like lenny face and other faces. Im pretty sure there are other people who are sick of this and others who will defend it because they like their little binds. I want something to be done about this. It's annoying and i am frankly tired of it. This only seems to be an issue on Normal texas but either way i want it to stop and something be done about it. An example of a rude one has to be Brony Down Under's.It has something to do with being rage killed and it has some face with shades flippen you the bird.Nice huh. Anyways hopefully people will agree with me and something will be done about it.
  2. Just going to dump all of my complaints about the current status of the VSP servers here because it's to a point where I could care less what happens with anything. The biggest thing is probably boss and weapon balance. People literally complain about bosses and weapons constantly, things that are so obviously overpowered (Rainbow Dash) or unnecessary (Laugh crit on Pinkie/Surprise), things get brought up on here, but nothing is ever done. The community is almost completely ignored when it comes to balance, and it's the most frustrating thing giving feedback that doesn't even matter. I don't think hardly any of my suggestions I've made have ever been implemented, even if there were a lot of players agreeing with it, it's just ignored. What's the point of trying? Another current thing regarding weapons is the fact that the new Gun Mettle skins and Spy's watches still aren't fixed. All the skins still work as TF2 default, and the Invis Watch gives a speed boost (won't block a hit though), and the Dead Ringer is plain out useless. The update came out July 2nd, it's been almost a month and a half, seriously, why is it not fixed? Last thing about server maintenance would probably be regarding new bosses getting added. I mean, I'm still personally against it, but how long has FnaP been done for? From what I remember, it's been over 6 MONTHS, and it's not added? It's not like the boss was denied to getting added, it just ignored. I just don't understand how it hasn't been added yet, or AT LEAST given a REASON as to why it hasn't been. Which reminds me, why are we always in the dark when it comes to things? Can we at least get an estimate of when things will get changed, or at least a response regarding something that we deem unbalanced? I don't see a point in trying to get things changed, because nothing is ever touched. This could also relate to the PF2 players wanting a vanilla server. People are getting impatient and don't think it's going to happen, but we aren't getting any responses regarding it. Sure, people have lives, they're busy, everyone is. But, if the people who can actually change things don't have time, why not give others the ability to do so? There are plenty of willing people with the time that would love to balance weapons and bosses, or at least get things added to the server. I just hate trying when I know nothing will actually get done. Another personal thing that really bothers me is the terrible performance of the servers. Seems to have awful issues with connection (getting hit from 10 ft away from people that have <50 ping), and my FPS is terrible on there. Please, remove the necessary particle effects on weapons and from rages. It' just causes so much frame issues. tl;dr Nothing gets changed, the community is completely ignored, and RIP FPS. Edit: forgot to mention spellbooks. When you have so many complaints about it, constantly, so many people hate them, you'd think that they would get changed or plain out removed.
  3. Don't lie. I know we have some pokémon players here. The Great and Powerful Aloe can feel it. This topic was made for everypony who plays pokémon to exchange fc and talk and trade/battle one another. Psst, my pokemans. Let me show you them. Phillamena(Braviary) Adamant nature Ability:Sheer Force Brave bird Return U-turn Shadow Claw Gummy(Krookodile) Jolly Nature Ability:Moxie Earthquake Stone edge Crunch Outrage Tank(Carracosta) Adamant nature Ability:Solid Rock Waterfall Aqua jet Stone edge Shell Smash Discord(Dragonnite) Modest nature Ability:Wonder Scale Thunder Draco Meteor Fire Blast Outrage
  4. Hey guys! I wanted to change the old post name for my custom skins to just “Custom Skins” instead of “Halloween Custom Skins” but the only thing I can do is hide it. So, I hid the post and made a new one! This is where I will be posting my custom skins for EVERYONE to download! How to install: It's one single basic step! Unpack the zip inside your steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf folder I also am posting my halloween custom skins in this post here so yeah here we go! Rainbow Factory Dash: Preview: Download: Future Twilight/ Solid Sparkle: Preview: Download: Danger Suit Fluttershy: Preview: Download: Lil' Miss Rarity: Preview: Download: Timberjack: Preview: Download: Alushy: Preview: Download: All right then have a good day everybody and if you want to suggest a custom skin type it below! PS: FNaP (Five Nights At Pinkies) Has been postpone'd for reasons I will not say
  5. So this one has been bugging me for awhile, and it's not until this thread being more successful than I could've imagined that I've finally decided to try and do something about it. The problem is the existing Teleport to Spawn mechanic when the hale falls into a pit or takes some other environmental damage. It stuns the hale for several seconds, leaving them open to airblasts, and it just selects a random spawn on the map to go to. Problem, three maps now don't work well with these mechanics: * vsh_oilrig * vsh_whompfortress * vsh_megaman6 The last one is especially serious because it'll cause the hale to go to a different submap, and they'll have to suicide if they're not a teleport boss. So I wrote my own Teleport to Spawn plugin, made it public on Allied Modders...guess you can say it's adding more to my current public coding tithe. :P This version is very configurable, works with vsh_megaman6, and hopefully will get some dialogue going re: having a more balanced teleport to spawn mechanic. Here's a couple suggestions: "Stun" version - This is actually about the same as we have now, but it fixes bugs like backstabs sometimes leaking through, and the hale can't be airblasted because they're immobile. (shortly after posting this thread I updated the plugin to toss out pent up velocity of immobility)"No Stun" version - This is what I'd recommend. It doesn't stun the hale or add any effects when they return to spawn. Because it adds no effects, it also does not interfere with rage mechanics, meaning fewer bugs. It also has a 60 second delay before allowing the hale to be teleported to a red spawn, which is probably why the stun was added to begin with.Anyway, I hope this gets some serious consideration. Then maybe we could get the first two maps back, and not have to remove the third.
  6. Hey, I'm just searching around for a team that might need a player before this season starts up. I play a pretty darn good medic, but can play Scout, Pyro, and Spy pretty well. If anyone's interested, give me a holla. My Steam name is Fluttertank, but I'll be offline for a while due to parental troubles. Orobably best way to contact me is a PM here. Thank you for your interest!
  7. Woooo Killing Floor! Idk why I made this, I just saw that this little section has no threads and I felt it was nessisary to put a random one in here. :3
  8. When did you start using the internet? How has the internet influenced you? What do you use the internet for? How fast is your internet connection? I started using the internet probably around 8 years ago. Around the time that teen titans was big on cartoon network. There was a cool little street fighter style fighting game that I loved the crap out of. I played that thing probably nonstop. I only started using the internet more intensively around 4 years ago when we got a serious upgrade to the internet, and I was just finding out the true power behind google. The internet has influenced me very heavily. I now use it on a daily, if not hourly basis. It's just too damn convenient not to. I find the more time I spend on the internet, the more paranoid, as well as informed I become. I am also much more intolerant of other people's stupidity in real life, which is a double edged sword In my opinion. I usually post here, download bits and bobs off the internet (usually photos) and go on 4chan to talk about stuff. At my mom's house, our connection used to be around 1.5MBPS, but now it's around 400KBPS At my dad's house, I get <30KBPS internet. As you can imagine, I don't do much downloading over at dad's.