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Found 2 results

  1. I think this is an issue that needs to be brought up. I for one am sick of seeing the chat spammed with binds players have constantly. Some being rude some trying to be funny after the 600th time and just binds like lenny face and other faces. Im pretty sure there are other people who are sick of this and others who will defend it because they like their little binds. I want something to be done about this. It's annoying and i am frankly tired of it. This only seems to be an issue on Normal texas but either way i want it to stop and something be done about it. An example of a rude one has to be Brony Down Under's.It has something to do with being rage killed and it has some face with shades flippen you the bird.Nice huh. Anyways hopefully people will agree with me and something will be done about it.
  2. See, at college, I live in a loft. A loft is a sort of apartment-styled room; however, that are no individual rooms for each person. Everyone who resides in a loft sleep in one big room, sort of like a studio; but, theres sectioned off living room and kitchen. Now, the deal is that there is no privacy; and as good college students, we like to have a quiet area during study times and homework. However, if one of us is not a good student, or doesn't take education (which our ancestors gave up their entire lives to fight for) seriously, there are problems. Now, I live with 3 other people in the lofts, and theres this one roommate, where no one likes in our lofts. He doesn't do anything but eat, shit, and play videogames all day and always, ALWAYS goes to school late or skips class entirely. He doesn't take responsibility, when he fails a test due to his laziness and peonic nature, he blames it on the professor when the reasonable person can see that it was HIS fault that he failed. Now, those aspects only concerns him; but the annoying part is that he ALWAYS complain, HE DOES NOTHING BUT COMPLAIN. We always have to humor him (love and tolerate), so he think's he's hella dope; but, he's not. His area is messy, and messy is an understatement. I'm always afraid to bring friends over just because of his area, it's filled with bottles, tissue (fapkins?), pringle cans, instant noodle bowls, and hella stuff that can easily be clean. THERE ARE NO, I MEAN NO BOOKS. What kind of student is that? His clothes are everywhere, and his mess gets smellier and wider every damn day. He never washes his dishes, and when we catch him not washing it, he always blames it on someone else. On our cleaning days, he does the most MINIMAL, and SHITTY job. He doesn't do laundry, his parents do it for him. and they live 80 miles away But the WORSE thing? He plays LoL, not that it's a bad game; but, his nerdy self skypes with his boyfriends and rages hella hard and loud, and We CAN'T study. That is why I'm typing this in the library. I can never do homework or study in the lofts anymore, being in the school library is half my day. And he would often rage on till midnight. I never got a good night's sleep here. never it drives me insane..... But to think some poor kid got rejected to this college because of space, space that THIS guy took, is just depressing. He doesn't take his school seriously, a frickin' sociopath, and he shouldn't be here. Has anyone ever drove your piss to a boil to you like he does to me?