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  1. I'm opening up commissions for simple MLP ref sheets. $5 usd for one character. Please, help me out guys. I really need the money. Examples attached.
  2. Oi! If you haven't already known, I do Art. What kind of art? this kind... Still Dont know what I draw? Well I draw:Colored or Black and White Human, Pony, Or Whatever it issafe, sugestive*, nsfw**​​*=Not sure if can post or not... **=Cant post here. Just contact me then, I used to do requests. Now I do commissions and I show my work here. I could once in a while do some requests, just check the thread. ;3 When finish with something, I will post the pic and/or the DA link in the thread Completion time is a little "skechy". lol. All art pieces will have my Signature "Elvis//Lopez-2015" if you have requested or commissioned something and want it without my Signature, PM me and I will Send you the Signature-less copy. To look at recent finished works, Please, check my DA, Derpibooru, or FA _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Currently Working on: Toki's Request(pf2)Aaron's Request(Pf2)Coloring Some GiftsColoring some peices_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Places to Find me: DA: Derpibooru -Ask for Link- FA -Ask for Link- Commission Info And List:(Opening Soon-ish) Current Commisson Queue:
  3. Krucification's Art Dump Just decided to start this up to show you guys a little bit of my work. First off, my dA Gallery I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think. I'll be posting a couple of other things here shortly, concept art, thumbnails, all that jazz. Hopefully you'll like that as well.
  4. I recently drew up a concept for Rubic, a character in DOTA 2. I've grown to like and think it and I believe itmay have a chance to get it with the right support. PRoblem is.....I'm not all that confident in my non-existent Modeling skills. So! If anyone would be so kind as to point me to a modeller (besides Jug. He doesn't like dota) that would be great. Here is the concepts. If you interested:
  5. I haven't really seen anything dedicated to photography in general so I wanted to start a thread for it. I'm terrible at drawing and not much better digitally so... Here ya go! I did most of my shots with an Olympus E-500 DSLR (8MP). I also have done a few on a Sony Cybershot (14MP) point and shoot as well as a few from my phone (Also 8MP). I'm really looking forward to seeing your work on here!
  6. Right now, I am conducting a fanfic where spike is spyro's son, but gets sent to ponyville through one of the dragon worlds archway portals. If you wanna keep updated on my art and the fanfic, my deviantart is this link here ---> Comment your feeling and opinions, and if so, watch my DeviantArt.
  7. Pretty much, what is your favourite album (of any genre) of all time? For me, it's a tough choice, but i'd have to say Gotye's Making Mirrors. It's just so artistic and beautiful, with a song for any mood. In Your Light for happy times, Somebody That I Used To Know for hard times, and Bronte for sad times. Another album which i believe deserves recognition is Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. The whole album just runs beautifully, and is so surreal and unique that it's hard not to love it
  8. I saw this status started a fun debate that I'd like to turn into a topic and apply in a more general sense. This sort of scenario is exactly why I began putting license notices on all my works on deviantArt. It is my opinion that releasing works under a license where creativity, sharing, and building upon the work of others is preferable. I'm even beginning to take what I call an "open-source" approach to my visual art, where I use Git to track my changes as I work on a visual piece, and put the source file up for download, so that the layers, etc, can be disassembled by others. I've borrowed this mindset from my experience in coding where, similarly, I prefer open-sourcing my work if at all possible. That being said, in open-source coding and what I'll call "open-source drawing", I believe crediting is absolutely essential. When I open-source something, I don't expect people to pay me for it. Because of this, I believe my compensation for time and effort is in being credited. Crediting someone 'promotes' them to an extent, and can be beneficial towards the original creator attaining a job, receiving commissions, etc. Thus, unless otherwise specified, I believe that not crediting an open-source work is the equivalent of theft of intellectual property. Just my two cents to get things rolling.
  9. A couple of friends and I had a great 3 hour debate/discussion on this pic. Now, you see, this is a little bit of controversial area in the Brony community, and has been used to give the community a bad name, (Howard Stern anyone?). Anyways, my point of view is that this is art, where my friend believes that this is exploitation, and is needless. I find this perfectly acceptable, however, he see's it as a type of subject matter that should NEVER be explored, even considering how tame this is compared to other pieces of work I'm sure we've all seen. Claiming that this piece sullies or corrupts one's view of the show itself, thereby destroying the shows innocent nature. That on top of the fact that he considers it within the realm of Beastiality, which I don't believe to be the case. I want to hear your guys' opinions on this, do you guys consider this piece to be in poor taste, and is the kind of subject matter that should never be explored in this community? Or do you think that this work is perfectly fine, and shouldn't warrant such negativity. Please, *encouraging push* discuss discuss....