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Found 9 results

  1. So on this map, with farmers elevator glitch, deflector snuck under match and forced me into a stalemate. I had every1 but him dead. I would like you please ot ban him. He has exploited this glitch multiple times
  2. Hi guys it's me Galli. We know Vinlybat got banned and in my behalf i believe he deserves a second chance. He's been with the vsp community for almost a year now. I know some of you may not agree with me and im not siding with anyone here. I just think people can change. Vinyl even promised to avoid Zari to end what happened before. I don't want to start a fight just an appeal.
  3. i was unfortunately banned because i rdmed someone. i rdmed him/her because he/she was trying to prop kill me. I just think that i shouldnt be permanently banned but i would be ok with a week or two. Thanks for taking the time for reading this :)
  4. My friend was using my account to play a round of TTT because he had never played it and his computer can't run gmod. When I came back he said he killed someone when innocent (Note: He doesn't know anything about RDM) and I got banned from your server. I thought for that the ban would just be a week or two, but i've waited about a month now and I'm still banned. If I can't be unbanned can I at least know how long the ban is. Thanks. (My steam ID is imonlyherefortf2)
  5. I got banned, really don't know why as I was afk when I was banned, nothing bad was happening before I went afk, but an RDM'er was on at the same time as me, and i had a pretty low karma... Steam ID is STEAM_0:1:27504644
  6. So on 23 / 12 / 12 3:40PM I got banned from your Ponyville TTT Server for killing someone innocent when i was innocent, but it was by accident as my friends on ventrilo were directing me on who the killer was etc. In addition to this, your admin did NOT give out any warnings or anything but instead insta banned me from the server. On side note: my friend had killed my other friend infront of EVERYONE and they were both innocent and he did NOT get banned, why?
  7. Hello, I was playing on the Gmod TTT server and was banned for too much RDMing. I had only shot one person one time and that was because he/she had the weapon that was used to kill some players.
  8. I recently joined the Ponyville TTT server, while my friend was with me. The first round I played was a traitor round so as you know Traitors tend to kill. So my friend zack plays after watching me, it comes up as innocent. He started shooting at people and I was like " NO DUDE WHA NO" and tried to move the mouse from him, yet he insisted on attacking people with a pistol. After which I've discussed the issue with the players on the server and I thought they'd forgive me but I as I tried returning to the server after a while, a notification came up saying I was banned and I was pretty upset. And I would understand if you don't believe me, I dont normally let my friends play on my laptop but the one time I decide to be nice he rdms -sadface-. But I really do concider this to be the only legit TTT server. Cause this is like the only brony server and well... I got banned because Zack had to minge. Again I'm sorry for that I really am, it wont happen again. Please forgive me.
  9. Post in this section if you have been banned and you feel it is unfair... Ban appeals that are made in anger will not be considered. This is the only section that ban appeals will be read or decided upon. Ban Appeal Format! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Username- Ban Reason: (do not put no reason) Why You should be Unbanned: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~