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  1. Wizard Nani-Sore STEAM_0:1:57984715 and dSONICb We're PERMABANNED for the following: Harassment of other players, Spamming chat, Ignoring administration. Trolling. But where's the proof? Naturally if a situation like this comes up there would be at least some evidence right? From what I am told by the source of the quote on quote "problem" they said stuff like: "ILoveBleach" which in it's right mind isn't even bad, and I was also told that they left before administration came on. So Videogames (the administrator who banned them) had no proof of what they did thus they shouldn't be permabanned for such a ridiculous reason.
  2. So, I was recently banned for no reason but I cannot protest my ban because it says my steam ID is not banned, so I went back into TF2, I tried joining again, it said I was banned. So, am I banned or not banned? I can't join any server on TF2, I can't protest my ban, what do I do? It's getting really annoying so can anyone help me out?
  3. Username: pluscarcass59 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:89467728 Ponyville Server: Texas, regular Transgression: Underage mic user, general disregard for rules and disrespect for other players I didn't witness the whole thing, I was playing Torchlight 2 when ΛƓƐƝƬ.CrismonFlareCore messaged me in steam asking if I was an admin because there was a "screaming baby in the server." Steven Phoenix [Mystic] made a similar complaint to me saying there was a kid in the server. I came on to try to talk to the kid and explain the rules and witnessed the kid, with a VERY squeaky voice, yelling and sounding just angry in general. Others were trying to explain the rules to him and I believe I heard him screaming swear words at the others, but I can't be 100% sure. There was a lot of noise going on. I addressed him, asking him if he knew about the age limit on the mic and he snapped back at me. I mentioned the rules again but he stayed silent after that. I'm not sure if it was because he was under the impression that I was an admin (that really needs to stop) but he left soon afterwards. I was asked to make a ban submission and post his steamID. If anyone else can add to this story, I'd appreciate it!
  4. This is in regards to the permanent ban on [uNF]Avatar: Due to the unique (and quite frankly amazing) nature of these My Little Pony servers, I felt compelled to take the time to appeal the permanent ban on my steam account. To begin, a bit of my gaming history: My experience with first person shooters has been long and quite extensive. My earliest experiences with Team Fortress go back to the Quake Team Fortress days (even back to the controversial days of the vision-imparing conc grenade vs. the movement-imparing conc grenade). I spent many hours (or more accurately entire days) of my teenage years playing Team Fortress Classic, and I can even say I started playing Counterstrike back when it was in Beta #2. If it helps speak to my age and experience, the "Avatar" in my name is actually a reference to the Avatar from the Ultima series. Specifically, in regards to Team Fortress 2, I've been playing since early beta, and I still enjoy playing it to this day. My specialty class is sniper. In regards to the specific circumstances surrounding my ban, I would like to point out that headshotting stationary enemy snipers on an open map like Fort Wars is an incredibly easy thing to do for a veteran of the game. In retrospect, dominating lower skill opponents for such a long time probably wasn't very sportsmanlike (especially on a casual server), but to be fair, we had been playing Fort Wars maps for about 2 hours, and I mainly go to these servers for the challenging and often intense hale battles. In fact, I was planning to leave out of boredom once the server voted to choose yet another Fort Wars map. Normally, I would goof around on the server, playing with relatively weak combinations of weapons, but let's just say that I don't like being sniped... I can probably be faulted for not recognizing these MLP servers as very casual servers. Usually, there will be a few other veteran players on public servers that can provide a challenge and keep things interesting, but I have to keep in mind that these are specialty servers, and they generally appeal to younger players. If my ban is lifted, I will promise to "pull my punches", so to speak, on non-hale maps. If it helps, I can put a self-imposed ban on sniper for those maps. If it also helps my appeal, some of the "regulars" on the server may recognize me, especially in context of some epic KGB heavy battles I've had with some hales. If you need testimony for my raw skill, they might be able to speak to it. If you have the ability, also check my playtime (and scores) on these servers. To make it perfectly clear: I have never used cheats, exploits, hacks, or any external programs of that nature when playing online multiplayer games in my entire lengthy history of online gaming. If the above was a rational appeal to the ban, then below is the emotional appeal: These MLP servers have single-handedly converted me into a brony. It's kind of ironic, actually, because the only reason I played on these servers (before the Pony Hale mod) was because specialty servers usually have regular players, and regular players tend to keep servers full, and they also tend to be good players. After listening to endless soundclips from the show, the 8-bit music coming from Ponyspensers, and eventually the music being played in the Pony Hale mod, I became more and more interested in the show. Eventually, when I heard that the show actually had a character named "Derpy", I knew that I had to at least give the show a chance. It was difficult in the beginning, considering the overwhelming cuteness of the show, but the expressive animation and excellent storywriting shined through, and I wound up watching 3 entire seasons within a short period of time (my reaction was the same to the original Avatar, the Last Airbender tv show - no relation to my username). Suddenly, everything happening in the MLP hale servers made sense, and it greatly increased the fun that I had while playing on them. It even led me to make fun quotes such as (to Trixie hale): "Your melee is as weak as your magic." As a side note, I'm not sure who picked the songs that play for each pony hale, but I have to admit that most of these songs (plus a few more that I've found) are routinely played on my mp3 player. Whoever picked the music, they have my thanks. For what it's worth, due to my special connection with these servers, I almost became a donor at one point, but I think at that time there were some glitches with the servers (probably due to a recent update) that made me worry that the donor status might be wasted if the mod wasn't fixed in a timely manner. If the terms of repealing the ban include donating, I am willing to consider it at this point, especially since in my mind it has been proven that Raini is keeping up-to-date with the mod and is even actively improving it. The thought of being permanently banned from such amazing servers does weigh heavily on me, enough so that I took the time to write this unexpectedly long and heartfelt appeal. I anxiously await your decision. Sincerely, [uNF]Avatar P.S.: Rarity is best pony.
  5. Player: [JB]Zebra Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:46407008 Offense: Posting a NSFW nude spray Date/time: 11/9/2013 12:24am Details: Player was given NUMEROUS warning, both verbal, chat, and with command sm_hsay. Player chose to ignore all warnings and continued posting spray. Initiated sm_votekick, all players voted in favor, and player was kicked. Player returned shortly, and began to spray the NSFW again. Given more warnings. Initiated sm_voteban. Vote succeeded and player kicked for 30 min Evidence: Requesting longer ban for player. Week long seems appropriate.
  6. Hello my (Game name is) [MaBro]Gzero and it seems i have been banned today at 24-10-13. I dont know why i have been banned i have just been normally gaming the only reason i may have a idea about why i am banned is for trolling a person named cloud crasher because, He was angry and started to hate on me so i laughed at him and said go suck a bag of ****. So i dont know if its because i said that or he is a admin or something but otherwise i am just banned and cannot play and dont know how long it will last, So can an admin maybe tell me whats the issue or help me with this i would be really happy. Have a nice day :D. From: MaBro Gzero
  7. Now, I'm not going to protest my ban, because in all fairness, the admin are doing their job, and as often said, at their discretion. My problem is in how it was handled. I can understand that I was apparently warned in chat three times. But in the middle of a game, and when the chat is moving very fast from the large number of people in the game, that can sometimes be easily missed. And as for verbal/voice, well, that can be missed too in the middle of many people trying to all talk at once, and also the relatively loud boss music. But instead of kicking me, with a warning, I was instantly banned, with the notation that I had been using an exploit. I haven't been on the Vs. Ponyville server for more than just a couple days, and already I'm banned without a kick warning? Talk about sudden shock, especially since I've never been banned from a server before. Now, I was told by the banning admin that I had been warned in chat three times. Ok, understandable. But I never saw them. Voice? Never heard it over all the other people trying to talk over one another. So that deserves an instant ban? Whatever happened to a kick with a 'do it again and you're banned'? I'm just asking that, for future consideration, that a kick be used before a ban is enforced, as sometimes, things are just too busy in the game to see or hear the warnings. Edit: The 'exploit' in question was me getting onto a vent that was actually easy for an engi, scout, soldier, or demoman to get on to, but you have to remain crouched. Not sure how it is considered an exploit, but I'm not going to argue that point as rules are rules. So please, don't try to say 'oh you were exploiting, no excuse'. What is considered an exploit can change server to server, and I'm used to it not being considered so in other places I've played. Again, not arguing the rule, not arguing the decision of the admin, just how it was handled.
  8. Ahoy-hoy! Got a temporary ban [i think.] for my spray, but I was playing as Hale when the news was posted. I briefly saw in chat someone, Lyra I think, say "Change your spray next round" or something to that tune. I assumed that I was being referred to, but when I saw a spray of 124% clop, penetration and all, I assumed that Lyra was telling that person to change it instead. So I went on, won the round once the Pyro jumped off the lamp and I jumped on to his head and then asked in chat if mine was fine: And my incoherent typing was my shoddy attempt at asking if my spray was alright, for I have seen many 'saucy' sprays, some animated ones as well! I asked a while back, got a green light, asked again, got a red light, green light, a random invite asking for the full size image, and then, well, what happened today! I shouldn't have been skirting the line, if I'm ever allowed back in, you won't see any more Zecora from me, or anything else mildly suggestive.
  9. Hello, i have been banned. i am Cave Johnson. i have been banned for RDM. i was in a room, there was two other guys, then, suddenly, two guys and a body! so, i started shooting the guy, and he ran away. i didnt catch him. i dont have a head set, and i couldnt talk. i didnt know the keys to do it. so i looked in the chat, and they were accusing me of it, so i looked in the options for it. and i was banned prior to then. help?
  10. I was playing vsh_west_fix in the texas server and when i entered in a window, i bugged the map, and i get banned. Ban: Map bug U.U Can you guys desban me?
  11. Hey, I know this has happened before, and I seem to be the next victim of it. Tail rotor clipped something, and the helo went down. Needless to say I got banned for it. Would greatly appreciate some help on the matter. Thanks. P.S. - the spin out was pretty epic. (But certainly not intentional)
  12. Dear fellow bronies, I was playing on the TTT server for the first time and was having a rather good time of it. During one round, there were around 8 players left. At this point, a player suddenly found a multitude of bodies, which seemed suspicious to me at the time. Upon closer inspection, this player seemed to have a rather low health, which only seemed to increase my suspicions. I began to talk about how this player was suspicious, which the player seemed to argue with very much so. Upon the round entering into overtime, I decided to act on my suspicions and kill this player. Upon killing him, the round ended and it was revealed that this player was indeed a traitor. Unfortunately, the player stated that this was RDM, and I apologized to him. However, I was banned by an admin. I am stating this in the hopes that I will get unbanned, and I promise that this sort of thing shall never happen again.
  13. NOTE: I am not an admin on the TTT server. However, I thought that a thread such as this should exist for the sole purpose of reporting rulebreakers on the TTT server alone, seeing as how it is very prone to that sort of deal. Any admins who wish to construct their own, edit this one, or lock/delete this thread, please do as you wish. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As much as I love the TTT server, I notice that there are a great deal of players who constantly disregard the rules during play, and while the admins are performing their jobs admirably, I wanted to construct this thread as a method to report those who go unnoticed, due to issues such as admins not being available at the time of the incident. This thread will be devoted to keeping a running list of those players who repeatedly ignore the rules outlined on this forum, and on the server MOTD, so the admins are able to keep track of who to keep an eye on next time they appear on the server. If you wish to propose a ban request, make sure you have the player's Steam ID on hand. This can be found, for anyone who doesn't know already, by typing "status" in the command console while in-game, and locating the user's name within the list that appears. All ban requests should follow the following format, where those in red are REQUIRED, while those listed in orange would be helpful to include: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USERNAME: *Enter offending player username here* STEAM ID: *Enter offending player STEAM ID* DATE OF OCCURRENCE: *Date of the offence, try to include specifics such as time* REASONING: *This is where you give, in as much detail as possible, the offense as possible. Please don't just say "He yelled at me". Try to be as detailed, and as non-biased, as possible.* SCREENSHOTS: *If you can, try to grab screenshots of the offender, such as their Karma level, chat windows, or even better, the offence being carried out. This will help admins determine a proper punishment, or if one should even be handed out.* WITNESSES: *If you know any witnesses to the offense, list them here. More witnesses mean a better chance of locating and punishing the offender.* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hopefully, through the utilization of this thread and the teamwork of both player and admin, more of the trouble that plagues TTT servers can be handled more efficiently, and allow the community to continue to game on without the hassle of dealing with the jerks of the internet. <3
  14. Hello, I was playing on the Gmod TTT server and was banned for too much RDMing. I had only shot one person one time and that was because he/she had the weapon that was used to kill some players.
  15. Someone in the San Hose, California Tf2 Server around 2:00 P:M Est Posted Spoilers for S3 Ep 5 of MLP. I request for an admin to check the chat logs and ban whoever mentioned the spoilers. Many thanks, Matt1546
  16. Hey. I let my friend play ttt on my account cuz he had never played before and he got me banned. I dont know what he did. if it was on purpose or accident i don't know. I really like this server, and i was wondering what i need to do to be un banned. :(
  17. Today, on the California Tf2 server, I met this guy named "El Negro Gooby <something>." I met this guy about a month ago on the same server, too. Every time he died, he said "We lost team, everyone give up." Over and over again. (Says the guy running around in circles.) Basically the second biggest troll I've met, combined with the obnoxiousness of his other comments. Back then, his name was something like "Kanye West (aka El Negro)." Halfway through the game, he changed his name to "El Negro." All three of his names that I have seen include El Negro in it, but because of this name switching I can't find his Steam ID. Today, he admitted that he was on a pony server, yet found My Little Pony to be the stupidest things he knows of. I made a comment regarding the fact that I remembered him, and he just made a rude retort with little to no reason. Also, another player had died a few times in his sight, and he told that player that they sucked and were a faggot or something. In the next map, Minepit, he said, "Oh no, we're gonna lose, we have <player> on our team," only in a somewhat more vicious way. He has repeatedly been told to stop making these comments by other players on the server, yet he continued. Is this grounds for a ban? He made many other comments besides the ones stated, too, and who knows what he's said and done other times. If this guy IS valid for a ban, can someone track him down? I don't know what his Steam ID is. He seems to find a way to piss off everyone on the server. Thanks everypony :)
  18. Friends of yours is a person I know from another server, I don not know what got into him. If my account starts dong bad things at all just ban it he hacks my account all the time. I don't know how he hacks it but I just wanted to apologize.