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  1. (i know not a lot of people post on this anymore but i hope someone sees this) i was new on the server and i was really starting to like it, i even put it as one of my favorites. but when i tried to go on again it automatically said i was banned. Yes i did try to see the bans website to see why i was banned but i could not find my name on the banned list. i really liked that server not only because it was a pony server but because of the guns and maps. so someone please help me find out why i was banned and help me get un-banned plz.
  2. Why Was I Banned from my fav TTT Server and the server, it didnt even tell me why! User name: Burstinatrixer(RDash) What Did i do wrong was it because i was joking around with a c4 and arming it for TEN Minutes IT WOULD NOT BLOW UP And i wasnt even the one who set it off =( why didnt it ban someone with less than 550 KARMA So please unban me or atleast tell me... WHY THE HELL I WAS BANNED Ps. WHY IS NO PONY FACKING REPLYING Please Unban me =(
  3. So I'm back again, for some reason I am here to attempt to repeal my ban for the second time. It seems to me that my plee from the past was ignored. Once more I ask will I be pardoned? -Chew P.S. - I would like to know the reason for my previous post to be overlooked
  4. I recently got Garry's Mod and have been playing TTT. I soon found out about Ponyville, and being a brony myself wanted to get a piece of that action! However, when I try to join, it says that I am banned, even though I have yet to play once. Name is CALL ME ZEBRA.
  5. Hey I was recently banned from Ponyville: TTT is magic. I did not know the rules and would like my banning to be repealed. I will not break any rules again if I am acccepted. Thanks for your time n.n
  6. i was banned for rdming people who randomly attacked me with crowbars everyone was goofing off and doing random shit so i figure i was allowed to defend myself next minute i got banned without explaining myself oh sorry i didnt know it was console banned
  7. Well.... just joined the server a few days ago, made some friends, helped mine and build some stuff, and then supposedly broke, stole, and hacked all kinds of stuff. so i honestly didnt do any of this, the only expanation i can think of is my account got hacked or someone hacked my name and came into the server or something IDK. but i didnt do any of this myself, im sorry that all this trouble has been caused, could someone tell me how long the ban is or if i can ever come back on the server, or at least look around and prove it wasnt me cus i really like you guys... the only thing i did do that i guess could be frowned upon is use a coordinate trick to find ores at certain levels in the ground, thats how i got so many diamonds so fast, thats why i gave the diamonds away to people, so im sorry for doing that. also i love your Daft Punk skin Sgt