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  1. Well, this is awkward. I'm working on a boss that unlike my others, I'm actually releasing the code to the public. (and I've already pledged to elsewhere so I can't reneg, heh, see my alliedmodders post) It has very unique mechanics, and I'd hope to get the go-ahead to make a pony version (sent Raini a PM) as a super thin excuse to add it to VSP (think Judge Stallione) but well,'s a demonstration with more bugs and less polish than the current version: Ironically, if there were a pony version of her, it'd probably be released on VSP sooner than anywhere else, cause converting the actual character model from Unreal Engine would take a very long time. Anyway, I'm looking to test her extensively tonight at 10pm eastern/7pm pacific, since I imagine most folks will be available around then. I plan on using MC Village, Nucleus, and maybe Lumberyard for testing. I need to find bugs, balance issues, see what Bananable our resident game-breaker can do, etc. Aside from VSP being kind of a home server for me, it's also the place where I can find people who have most of the resources in my downloads folder already. ;) But testers will still need these: So sorry for the short notice, but spread the word. Feel free to add me on steam "sarysa" since I dunno what my IP is TBH and since my test server is my gaming PC, it can change whenever Verizon feels like changing it. Hope to see a good turnout. :)
  2. We were all talking about it in chat, and I do agree that fluffy would make for a good admin since he has good characteristics for the making of one(And he won't be a badmin). So how about it, if enough people agree, Fluffy admin 2013?
  3. Day 0 The plan has been conceived. It is the main reason I am keeping track of its progression through a secret diary. Those Ponyville simpletons will not know what hit them.
  4. Being bored and wondering when to reinstall minelittlepony, any ideas when the new server is going up? Btw are we incorporating PARK into the new server map :)?
  5. I was robed by islandboy1998 on 2-19 20:49:12 Lost 8x arrows 1x Enchanted Diamond Sword 17xGolden apples Can an admin help me out? Lost things at X:93.40982238991103 Y:73.62000000476837 Z:-597.4889248784149