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  1. Not sure if this counts as a forum game... >> What is your scenario? Mine is Handcuffed for life with Nightmare Moon
  2. An entire year I've been apart of the Ponyville community and mothafuckahs bothering me so I will finish this later. EDIT: Now as I was saying... An entire year I've been apart of the Ponyville community, and my life has changed more than I could have imagined. I've made friends, became an admin, and contributed to the community. A lot has changed in a year in ways I don't even think I could imagine. New faces coming, older members dropping by, this place has really grown since I last joined in one whole year. It's very hard for me to put my thoughts and feelings in wording I can accept, so I'm just gonna cut this paragraph short. Come celebrate your birthdays talk about how much Ponyville has changed, reminisce about the old days and share hopes for the future (god damn that was the corniest thing I've ever written). I had been saving this pic and now I get to use it, huzzah