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  1. Hello vsp community, today I would like to do some science, and I would love if you guys could chip in and help me out by answering these 10 quick questions, please be as honest as possible. So here is what I'm asking. 1.What class do you usually play in vsp 2.What class do you think is the most underpowered (does least amount of damage and has low sustainability) 3. What class do you think is the most overpowered (does most damage and sustainability) 4.Do you think most hales are over powered? 5.Out of these 4 what kills you the most (lag, super jump, rage or neigh down) 6. What do you believe is your average damage you gain on hale,per life 7.If you are having a bad day, what is your average damage per round 8.How long have you been playing vsh/vsp/ff2 type game modes for. 9.On a scale from one to ten how good are you at vsp in your opinion 10.What two classes do you do the most damage with (not what you are best at, what classes give you the most raw hale damage) Try to keep the answers as short and sweet as possible, if you can't think of an answer just take a well educated guess. Thanks! Also sorry for the grammar mistakes auto correct in iPad and all.
  2. I'm putting it here since it's pretty unlikely that it'd fit in the ecosphere, but I just feel like shouting out to the world: Pretty much inspired by bullet hell in general, not to mention VSP's Donut Steel. (whose code originated from Blitzkrieg) The whole idea came about from me and the creator of Blitzkrieg goofing off on an empty server in noclip. It's nice to have had the opportunity to make something completely from scratch. Anyone who's spoken to me about modding knows how frustrating FF2 modding can be at the time...and there's something to be said about having complete control over a project. I got into this knowing it'd only cater to a niche audience so I've managed my expectations, but that still won't stop me from hoping it succeeds. :P
  3. Hey All Squishy Here Putting This Topic Up To Show Off Bosses.. and Yes I Know Rainford did it first.. but the Topic has been Dead for a While and We Will make boss fight Videos Fast As We Can... In This Topic Me And Steel Will Put Up Bosses We Play As And Fight Against Said Bosses.. We Are Never On At The Same Times But We Still Make Boss Fight Videos... (Soon We Hope To Get A Seconded Computer!) And Yes Not All Bosses Are Gonna Be From VSP... Most Will...Most Won't (Also This Topic Is Not To Promote Any Server.. This Topic Is Just For Showing Off Bosses Me And Steel Have Foughten Against..) Boss Videos Will Be Posted 1 By One or Two Depends On Our Mood... (I Have Made A Playlist On My Channel) Our PlayStyles: Mine=Anymeans to Win SteelCrescent:Calm Collected Chaos... YoutubeChannels:SolarisFabre (Squishy) Steel Crescent (Steel Crescent) Enjoy Our Little Viewers! Sonic.Exe (From [FP] Dafini's Server) Button Mash (VSP)