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  1. Well, this is awkward. I'm working on a boss that unlike my others, I'm actually releasing the code to the public. (and I've already pledged to elsewhere so I can't reneg, heh, see my alliedmodders post) It has very unique mechanics, and I'd hope to get the go-ahead to make a pony version (sent Raini a PM) as a super thin excuse to add it to VSP (think Judge Stallione) but well,'s a demonstration with more bugs and less polish than the current version: Ironically, if there were a pony version of her, it'd probably be released on VSP sooner than anywhere else, cause converting the actual character model from Unreal Engine would take a very long time. Anyway, I'm looking to test her extensively tonight at 10pm eastern/7pm pacific, since I imagine most folks will be available around then. I plan on using MC Village, Nucleus, and maybe Lumberyard for testing. I need to find bugs, balance issues, see what Bananable our resident game-breaker can do, etc. Aside from VSP being kind of a home server for me, it's also the place where I can find people who have most of the resources in my downloads folder already. ;) But testers will still need these: So sorry for the short notice, but spread the word. Feel free to add me on steam "sarysa" since I dunno what my IP is TBH and since my test server is my gaming PC, it can change whenever Verizon feels like changing it. Hope to see a good turnout. :)
  2. I've just bought spore again on steam after losing my hard copy, and I'm going to post screenies of my creations in this thread. If anyone else has spore I suggest you do the same. OR ELS.