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  1. Discord is one of the best places to communicate with people easily. Is there a chance Rainy or one of the admins can make an official Discord for it? It would benefit the website and server with more activity and quite a bit more communication between its users/players. This is just a suggestion. Feel free to discuss it
  2. Hey everyone! ShatterHeart here. my previous thread was integrated into a new thread and that one is dead so i figured i should make a thread in a place it wouldnt be categorized. All the people in the chatroom really talk about is TF2 and i dont understand cuz i dont play yet. Did anyone see Equestria girls? It comes out on DVD August. My hobbies include Television, video games, computers, and more. If you have kik messenger i wouldn't mind being pen pals so lemme know your kik~
  3. So what exactly is so great about the psp vita? i heard there is a market where you can download cheap games. but is that very much worth buying compared to the 3DS?
  4. Okay so for one thing my thread had mysteriously integrated with another thread. i have no clue how that happened. Another thing is that the chat seems to be broken. is it just me or is it happening to everyone else?
  5. This thread is for the people who want to talk like in the chat room, but can't respond right away. Anyways, I would like start of this thread by talking about Season Three... Is there anyhope that it could possibly upstage season two?
  6. So, some weeks ago, when the chat was a bit glitchy, I and the rest of the chat made a skype group as a backup solution, but we soon realized that using a desktop application had several advantages. So far we've only used text chat, but I'm not excluding the possibility of a voice call sometime. For anyone interested, here's the link: skype:?chat&blob=JmRJiKIYp0OPAH7s8madJOpdL8aIgSEgLzVs9S2c7dK4a7OMlpCz_BjbsUnCwy01rkT9xJnmxNzJ6vYQvuvlKtxQe-UiK9zexvK_ax7AsRjQfB8EF7-mWVLXPXOi1uG7aYr_-eVa7quAm-a6R3yEb_nRxpZKKK5r1MQ9hryJ9OG6 Here's a short tutorial on how to use the link, for anyone having trouble: First of all, make sure you have skype installed, then follow the instructions appropriate for your browser/OS Chrome/Win7: If something still doesn't work, post your problem here, and we'll attempt to sort it out. Note to admins:
  7. Because of ongoing complaints about trolling and other rude behavior in the chatroom, we've added a couple of Moderators. Chat Moderators are to be treated with the same regard as any other forum Moderator or Admin and you should listen to them if they ask you to cease a certain behavior. Chat Moderators have the authority to exercise their own discretion when deciding what constitutes trolling or abusive behavior, and they can suspend or ban you from chat for it. Play nice, and be respectful to everypony. All forum rules apply to the chatroom. We may outline further chatroom rules in the future.