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  1. Oi! If you haven't already known, I do Art. What kind of art? this kind... Still Dont know what I draw? Well I draw:Colored or Black and White Human, Pony, Or Whatever it issafe, sugestive*, nsfw**​​*=Not sure if can post or not... **=Cant post here. Just contact me then, I used to do requests. Now I do commissions and I show my work here. I could once in a while do some requests, just check the thread. ;3 When finish with something, I will post the pic and/or the DA link in the thread Completion time is a little "skechy". lol. All art pieces will have my Signature "Elvis//Lopez-2015" if you have requested or commissioned something and want it without my Signature, PM me and I will Send you the Signature-less copy. To look at recent finished works, Please, check my DA, Derpibooru, or FA _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Currently Working on: Toki's Request(pf2)Aaron's Request(Pf2)Coloring Some GiftsColoring some peices_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Places to Find me: DA: Derpibooru -Ask for Link- FA -Ask for Link- Commission Info And List:(Opening Soon-ish) Current Commisson Queue: