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  1. I've had it up to here with video games and TV shows over sexualizing men! It goes against what I stand for and men had enough of it! We have gone through too much for Video Games and TV shows to raise the standard for what women look for in a man! Every single time I try to play a game, all the men in it are either incredibly handsome or incredibly tone and fit! This has gone on for long enough and it has to stop right now! With TV shows we have shows like UFC and WWE with buff and handsome men and they are always being over sexualized wearing nothing but tights or a tight muscle shirt and shorts! I'm starting a petition to get this removed else people are going to grow up thinking that this is ok!
  2. The Dawn of a New Relationship By:Parthenon Rated:T Cast: Applejack,You,Twilight Sparkle,Pinkie Pie,Fluttershy You wake up,sunlight in your eyes, and you notice that you are in Applejack's bedroom. Then you remember what happend last night. It felt good. You kiss her through her blonde mane and she laughs and wakes up. "Hey baby." she says,sleepilly. You say"Hi" back and look at her with your blue eyes and she smiles. "Lets go see Twilight" she says. You say "Ok" and get out of bed. As your walking to Twilight's house with Applejack, you notice that all of the ponies are looking at you with dreamy eyes. You ignore it for now. You finally get to Twilight's house. She then says"Oh.Hi. What are you doing with Applejack?" Applejack explains what happend last night. Twilight smiles and says "Well. Good for you two." You and Applejack then start to exit Twilight's house. Then,with no warning, a swarm of ponies greet you."Love me!" they all say. You and Applejack look at eachother. She then says"Run for it!". You then run for your life as te ponies follow your every move. The noise behind you dies down and you think it is ok to walk again. You then suggest going to meet Pinkie Pie. When you enter Sugarcube Corner, you notice that Pinkie Pie is making cupcakes. You say"Hey Pinkie.". She then looks at you and Applejack with a smile. "Pinkie, are you alright?" you say with worry."Oh Im ffff-fine. Yes. Fine."."Pinkie. it looks like you ate too many cupcakes. You should stop baking them." you say. As you finish your sentence,you notice that Applejack is gone. "Gotta go,Pinkie. Bye!" you say as you open the door. She then mumbles" Cupcakes are tasty." in a derranged voice. You then wonder where Applejack has gone. You then see a orange pony walk slowly down the street. Infront of her is Fluttershy. "Where is Fluttershy going with Applejack?" you wonder. You follow them,quietly and suspiciously, to where they are going. You then find that they are going to Fluttershy's cottage. You look inside the window.You scream with horror. WATCH FOR THE SEQUEL"You Go Insane"!