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  1. Right now, I am conducting a fanfic where spike is spyro's son, but gets sent to ponyville through one of the dragon worlds archway portals. If you wanna keep updated on my art and the fanfic, my deviantart is this link here ---> Comment your feeling and opinions, and if so, watch my DeviantArt.
  2. So as some of you might know there is a game that is being worked on at the moment called, Super Smash Ponies that will be, you guessed it, a crossover between the well known game Super Mario Smash Brothers Brawl and our beloved My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. EQD Post (referring to the major graphics update) This topic is for those who are interested to hear about updates and talk about updates for the game! Anyways, if you have any questions I will try my best to get answers for you. ;)
  3. Twilight tries to find a important artifact for Luna and discovers a strange object unlike anything she has seen before. After accidentally activating it, Twilight and her friends find themselves in a new world, locked in seemingly eternal combat. Will they have what it takes to survive and adept to the new world, find the now missing Cutie Mark Crusaders and return home? This fic is mainly a tribute to my friend and their videos, though the story is my original deign. Here is the link to FIMfiction:
  4. Yeah, this is a crossover, and one of the weirdest ones, that was requested to me on Deviantart. It was also the first Pony-related Fanfic I ever did. I'll start with the Prologue! ---x---x---x---xx--- Pinkamina's Fate: Lost Epilogue A random Crackpot Crossover Story Idea by: Hidden Name Written by: Gabriel Martin Outside of Ponyville, you seem to zoom in on a graveyard. Inside the Graveyard, you notice an odd headstone. The headstone says "Here lies Pinkamina Diane Pie. Rest in HELL!". you also see a Half-Mecha version of Rainbow Dash, crying in pain and sadness. You also see a flower on Fluttershy's grave. Now I bet you're wondering..."How the fuck did this happen?". Allow me to explain the Story. I named it "insertnamehere ". Let's begin with the prologue, shall we? It first started out after Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy "died", Pinkie Pie was waiting for her next victim to turn into a cupcake. Little did she know, that her next victim....was gonna be her last one. Pinkie Pie discovers a rather oddly-dressed Colt walking by. The Colt was wearing a Red hat, with a odd badge on it. He was also wearing a Red Vest with a black t-shirt. Even the mane was black, but his eyes were crimson red without emotion. Pinkie also noticed those odd spheres around him, one with a rather spine-chilling aura. The odd colt walked to the cupcake bakery. "Ohhh, this one will make an interesting cupcake!", said Pinkie. What our beloved little Pinkie Pie didn't know, is that this is one pony you DONT want to mess with. As Pinkie opened the door for the odd colt. The colt walked in, only leaving silence in his trail. As Pinkie Pie was getting ready, the odd sphere with the aura that's bone-chilling started leaking some sort of shadow. Before Pinkie got ready for her new kind of "cupcakes", the shadow took form of a ghost. As she turned around, she rather got startled by the ghostly figure. The odd colt soon stared at her with his cold, red eyes. Finally, with one breath of the bitter, still air, the colt spoke with only this word: "....Curse." The ghostly figure soon turned the inside of the bakery darker than midnight, and an echoing scream was heard in the darkness. After the darkness slowly faded away, the little pink murderer vanished out of sight, and was no where to be seen.... the story. The Story of Pinkamina's Fate. --x---x---x--- Now just to warn you: Because it's crossing with both Lost Silver AND Cupcake, there might be parts of the grimdark from the Pony Fanfic. Also, this is my first Introduction Chapter for my first Pony-related Crossover ever. Dont be harsh.