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  1. Discord is one of the best places to communicate with people easily. Is there a chance Rainy or one of the admins can make an official Discord for it? It would benefit the website and server with more activity and quite a bit more communication between its users/players. This is just a suggestion. Feel free to discuss it
  2. I had this cute little idea in mind for an RP. No story, no plot no nothing. Just your OCs and me as Discord. I'll have each one of you put in a different sort of ambient, creating new obstacles and interpreting them every time you surpass the last one, and, determined by wether you fail or not, discord you or not. All ponies, background and OCs alike, are allowed, as long as it isn't the mane six. Every time you are freed or discorded, you may enter another adventure using another character. A maximum of three may join an adventure at any given time. I'll start as soon as I get at least one person, and insert in it anyone else who may want to join. I am also allowed to use your characters to a small extent. For narrative reasons. Let the Games begin!
  3. Now, let's get something straight. Everyone on these forums claims their favourite pony is best pony. Fair enough, you love 'em, you think highly of 'em. What you don't know is that you're wrong. There is only one best pony. And that's because he's not only a pony, but every single animal. Even a changeling. I am, of course, talking about da man, Discord. "hello." Look at that sexy thing, with it's sexy beard, its sexy fang and sexy eyes. Now, you've obviously been blown away by his current sexiness, but you may futily try to argue "But he ain't as adoralbe as other ponies as a foal!" Well, you're wrong. "This bunny used to be angel." See, he wasn't just born awesome. No, he worked for it, using his adorableness, he'd make you lower your guard and then BAM! Cotton candy in yo face. That's how he conquered Equestria in the first place. Yeah, that's right. He was the ruler of Equestria. He owned all the bitches. Literally. He don't need fancy smanshy elements, either. He corrupted them all and ruled Equestria again. Then Tia the cheater cheated and un-corrupted them using the really sappy "friendship reports" sent by her favourite one of the ugly mares. He was defeated, but he's still alive, and he'll come back eventually. "He's all evil 'n' shit too." As a final, desperate argument, you might say "But your AWESOME GOD OF CHAOS can't possibly look good as a woman!" Well, think again. "I rest my case."
  4. It *might* be a tad early for this, but I've got 15 minutes to kill and I felt like starting a topic. DEAL WITH IT. So, who's you're favorite all powerful villain? This isn't a who can beat who contest--though feel free to start some trash talk if you want. Just vote for whoever you think is cooler! I'm really curious to see how this turns out, so I intend to keep a running tally. My vote? Nightmare Moon I'm a night person. Always have been. I dislike sunlight that is too bright and find I just think better in slightly dim lighting. The ethereal and mysterious themes of night have always appealed to me. So that makes Nightmare Moon pretty epic in my book. I mean, I like Luna even more, but as far as villains go, Nightmare is awesome. UPDATED FOR SEASON 2 FINALE Now we have Chrysalis. Cast your votes!